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Comment: OZ 4.7 update


When the Z88 came out, memory was very expensive. This is why RAM & EPROM cards were available in different sizes.


As the maximum size that each slot can address is 1M, it is recommended that 1M is used so there is no wasted space.

How they work together

nameZ88 Cards

It is very important to understand how these cards work together with each other. This diagram shows the 1M Flash/1M RAM / 1M Flash configuration.

When using the 512K/512K Flash/RAM card, the sizes may be different but the principle is remains the same,

Main Devices


This is where the applications OZ4.x are stored. The space that is left over is used for storing files in the File Area. Most Applications (like Pipedream in OZ 4.x) Save and Fetch their files from :RAM, in this example in :RAM.0 and :RAM.2.



This is where files are saved and memory is used for applications. Before OZ 4.7 files could only be saved and loaded in RAM before they could be used in applications.


Another Flash Card can be used here, to save even more files.


Once a file has been saved to RAM, it should be saved to either a Flash card or to the Desktop computer. These applications allow you to do that.

Filer and Flashstore

This saves or load files from and to the RAM, using EPROM or Flash Cards.


Transfers files to or from the Desktop computer and the Z88. The main advantage of using this application is that files can be used with Files can be saved to and fetched from both Flash or RAM cards.

OZ 4.7

Before OZ 4.7, files could only be saved and loaded in RAM before they could be used in applications. 

OZ 4.7 allows files from in the Flash card file areas to be saved and loaded directly to the application all applications, without needing to save or load them to use RAM beforehand.

Inserting or removing cards


A FAIL message (on the top right-hand corner of the screen)  is given if a RAM card is removed, indicating that a soft reset is necessary.

Image RemovedImage Added

If you remove an application card which a suspended activity is using, the Cambridge Z88 will give a continuous tone and flash CARD until the card is replaced. The suspended activity should be removed with KILL before trying again.