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Register parameters

Code Block
titleRST 20H, DEFW DEFB $39
     IX = handle of file (or device)

OUT, if call successful:
     Fc = 0
     A = byte read from stream (file)

OUT, if call failed:
     Fc = 1
     A = error code:
          RC_EOF ($09), end of file reached
          RC_HAND ($08), bad handle supplied in IX
          RC_RP ($13), device is read-protected
          RC_ESC ($01), escape, if device :COM.0, :PRT.0, or :INP.0
          RC_SUSP ($69), if device is :COM.0, :PRT.0 or :INP.0
          RC_DRAW ($66), if device is :INP.0
          RC_QUIT ($67), if device is :INP.0
          RC_TIME ($02), if device is :COM.0 or :PRT.0

Registers changed after return:
     ..BCDEHL/IXIY same
     AF....../.... different