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This call should be useful to install new panel settings or when starting low level (ie. using SI_GBT, SI_PBT etc.) serial operations. It carries out the following: 

1. Empty receive and transmit buffers.
2. Reset the XON/XOFF flags.
3. Reset baud rates, parity and flow control settings to the PANEL values.
4. Assert RTS.
5. Resets the serial port timeout to its default of 10 minutes. 


Code Block
titleSI_INT (L = $06), interrupt entry point


IN:  -
OUT: -

Registers changed after return:
     ......../.... different

Internal operating system usage only.
This call is used by the serial port driver to send XOFF when software handshaking is active. 


Code Block
titleSI_GBT (L = $09), get byte from serial port
IN:  BC = timeout in centiseconds

Out if call succeeded:
     Fc = 0
     A = byte received
     BC = remaining time
Out if call failed:
     Fc = 1
     A = RC_TIME ($02) (if no data available before timeout)

Registers changed after return:
     ....DE../IXIY same
     AFBC..HL/.... different