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titleRST 20H, DEFW $EE06
     BHL = pointer to stacked process environment
     IX = static process id (handle)
     C = dynamic process id
     A0 Fc=0, 1,A if= card slot 0 used (0 for    A1 =internal slot, 1, iffor card 1... 4 for installed application 1device)
     A2 Fc= 1,              2
     A3 = 1,              3 A = RC_Hand, Bad handle


Internal operating system usage. The API has been changed since OZ 4.6.

Related calls

OS_Poll, poll for an application
DC_Pol, poll for card usage
OS_Ent, enter an application
DC_Ent, enter new application
DC_Nam, name current application
OS_Exit, exit an application
DC_Bye, exiting current application
OS_Bye, exit application
OS_Stk, stack current process (application)