OS_Nln, send new line (CR/LF) to standard output

Register parameters

IN:  -

OUT: Fc = 0, success
     Fc = 1, failure and A = error code
          RC_HAND ($08), bad handle (during re-direction)
          RC_WP ($14), write protected (during re-direction)

Registers changed after return:
     ..BCDEHL/IXIY same
     AF....../.... different 


This call replace GN_Nln. It uses 2 bytes (instead of 3) and is significantly faster. Error will only occur if rebinding has occurred.

Related calls

OS_Out, write character to standard output
OS_Sout, write local string to standard output
OS_Bout,write string at (B)HL to standard output 
OS_Pout, write embedded null-terminated string at caller (PC) to standard output
OS_Hout, write hexadecimal byte to standard output
OS_Nln, send newline (CR/LF) to standard output
GN_Sop, write local string to standard output
GN_Soe, write string at extended address to standard output
GN_Nln, send newline (CR/LF) to standard output 

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