DC_Gen, Screen driver SOH call

Register parameters

RST 20H, DEFW $200C
    HL = SOH buffer address in the screen base file
    B = screen base file bank

    Fc = 0, success
    FC = 1, A = RC_Eof : No CLI running

Registers changed after return:
    ..BCDEHL/IXIY same
    AF....../.... different


Internal operating system usage.

Call used to disable printer redirection on SOH escape sequence containing '['. Printer redirection is enabled if the sequence contain ']'. It avoids to send rubbish to printer during CLI redirection, for example the sequence 1, '2', '.', '[' is sent before window definition of the Filer and 1, '2', '.', ']' is sent after.

Related calls

DC_Icl, Invoke new CLI
DC_In, Read from CLI
DC_Out, Write to CLI
DC_Prt, Print to CLI
DC_Rbd, Rebind streams
DC_Xin, examine CLI input
OS_Cli, CLI interface

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