OS_Bye, Exit application

Register parameters

RST 20H, DEFB $21
     A = system error code to display standard error box message
     A = 0, no error message after exit



This is the call which the application must make to terminate itself; in particular in the error handler when responding to a <>KILL request. Note that this call does NOT automatically close files and deallocate memory - the application must do this before making the call. Register changes are not fixed, as the code previously executing is not re-entered.

Related calls

OS_Poll, poll for an application
DC_Pol, poll for card usage
OS_Ent, enter an application
DC_Ent, enter new application
DC_Nam, name current application
OS_Exit, exit an application
DC_Bye, exiting current application
OS_Stk, stack current process (application)
OS_Use, process card usage

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