OZ_Mgb, Get memory binding

Register parameters

CALL $0057
    C = memory segment specifier (MS_S0, MS_S1, MS_S2 & MS_S3)

OUT, always successful: 
    B = bank bound in segment

Registers changed after return: 
    AF.CDEHL/IXIY same
    ..B...../.... different 


New API call introduced in and used by OZ V4.1 and newer for fastest bank switching functionality possible.

Get current Bank binding for specified segment MS_Sx, defined in C. This is the functional equivalent of OS_Mgb and the OS_Fc, but much faster, since there is no system call decoding overhead. The routine resides in LOWRAM.

Related calls

OS_Bix, Bind in extended address
OS_Box, restore bindings after OS_Bix
OS_Fc, select fast code (fast bank switching)
OS_Mal, allocate memory
OS_Mcl, close memory (free memory pool)
OS_Mfr, free (previously allocated block) memory
OS_Mgb, get current bank binding in segment
OS_Mop, open memory (allocate memory pool)
OS_Mpb, set new bank binding in segment
OZ_Mpb, set new bank binding in segment

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