EazyLink2 V1.0.4 Release Notes

18th September 2023 

EazyLink2 V1.0.4 is finally updated for modern platforms. The QT libraries being used is v6.5.2 for all platforms.  There is not much in the of new functionality, this release is targeted towards current modern platforms.  The main change for Linux fans is the single AppImage distribution.

This release supports 38400 BPS, when used Cambridge Z88 OZ V4.5 ROM release or later.

PlatformVersionSizeAddedInstallation notesDownload Link

Download EXE installer to desktop, double-click to start installation. Supported to run on Windows 10/11 (64bit). Uses Qt v6.5.2 libraries.



Mac OS X 15.5 (Ventura) and newer. Uses Qt v6.5.2 libraries. Supports Apple Silicon.
To remove error message (eazylink2 is damaged):

sudo chmod -R 777 /Applications/eazylink2.app

xattr -d com.apple.quarantine /Applications/eazylink2.app

xattr -cr /Applications/eazylink2.app


Mac OS X 15.5 (Ventura) and newer. Uses Qt v6.5.2 libraries. Supports Intel.


All Linux distributions, Intel 64bit. Uses Qt v6.5.2 libraries.
This is a standalone distribution and no other libraries should be required. Download and unzip the binary.

Apply chmod +x, then execute from command line or desktop file browser.

Eazylink2_1.0.4 Source Code843.5kB2023/09/09

Platform independent source code for EazyLink2 application using QT SDK 6.5 (all platforms - download links HERE).

The source code is also available in our Git repository, HERE: https://gitlab.com/bits4fun/eazylink2

Release Notes:

Upgrade source code to support SDK 6.5.2. This includes changing QModelIndex.child to QModelIndex.sibling, endl to Qt::endl and QByteArray.append now requires a string as give my .toUft8()

Windows 10/11 64 bit compatible release. Minor changes to the build process for Qt6.5.2

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