Easy file management on the Z88 from your desktop

Welcome to the wiki of the Z88 File Management Client, EazyLink2.

To enjoy a transparent and easy to use utility for managing and transfering files between the Z88 portable and your desktop, we have developed a client application that runs on today's major desktop operating systems, and a native application, the EazyLink popdown, running on the Z88. Eazylink also supports file transfering using the built-in Imp/Export popdown, available on all Z88 ROM's.

For the first time in the history of the Z88 (25 years and counting!), we'll be able to support file transfer software on the three major platforms, Linux, Mac & Windows; all supported for 32bit and 64bit operating systems.

The desktop application is developed using one of the best cross-platform development libraries that exists on the market today, Qt, which is completely Open Source Software (see project here).

We have been very fortunate to receive an Enterprise license for BitRock InstallBuilder, which enables us to produce nice & easy application installers for EazyLink on Linux, Mac & Windows desktop operating systems. Thank you, Bitrock! 

For the Linux platform, we are distributing a specially crafted executable application that embeds all runtime dependent dynamic link libraries. On the outside it appears as a single binary. We have used a special tool, Ermine.i386, that guarantees EazyLink can run on any Linux system that supports kernel V2.2.x and later, running on both Intel 32 bit and 64 bit systems, out-of-the-box. Thanks to magicermine.com who has donated a professional license for our project to use this technology! We also use the Ermine.i386 and Ermine.x86_64 to distribute our other Z88 Workbench tools for Linux.

Here's a screenshot of V1.0 (Beta 1), running on Linux, communicating with the EazyLink popdown V5.2 running on the Cambridge Z88:

Source code of Eazylink2 is available here:


Download latest EazyLink Client
The latest desktop client application and release notes is available here.
EazyLink Client User Guide
The user guide for the desktop client application is available here, which is also accessed through the Help -> User Guide menu.
Z88 EazyLink Server popdown
The client application communicates with a popdown running on the Z88 which functions as the file server in the dialog between the two programs. Click here to access the project space of the EazyLink popdown.

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