3 - Good Housekeeping


This section gives good ideas on how to get your Z88 to work for you, instead of the other way round.

Backing up Files

When things start going wrong, you begin to wish that you had a copy of ALL your important files. The trick here is ALWAYS make sure that you have a copy of your IMPORTANT FILES always. You never know when your Z88 may go wrong (if at all) or even if you may make the occasional deliberate mistake.

.CLI Files

A BOOT.CLI file can be used so that when you give the Z88 a Soft or Hard Reset, a previously written CLI program, stored on an EPROM, is run automatically.

Uses include setting up your personal settings on the Panel and creating your Directories in the Filer.

Examples include a simple BOOT.CLI file to some other ,cli files using OZ 4.7 advanced functions.


Batteries inside the Z88 are very important, since they are needed even when the Z88 is turned off. How long do they last?