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Z88 Developers' Notes
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(Nov 06, 2011)
These notes provides a comprehensive description of the hardware and software of the Z88 portable. The machine has a powerful operating system which provides facilities for software to be added on external cards, and integrated into the same environment which cares for the built-in programs. External software can take full advantage of the Z88's facility to switch between tasks, can use automatically generated command menus with optional help pages, and is provided with a large number of useful operating system calls, to access the screen, serial port, internal filing system, printer driver, etc. These notes are primarily targeted at the software author interested in writing applications for the Z88 using Z80 assembler, although it will also be useful to anyone developing hardware. The emphasis is placed on authors whose programs are destined for application cards, but a programmer using BASIC and needing to exploit the facilities of the operating system will find what he or she needs here.