OS_Fdp, File duplicate (sector-level)

Register parameters

   DE = OP_IN file handle
   IX = OP_OUT file handle

   Fc = 0,
        File copied successfully to destination
   Fc = 1,
        A = RC_Hand, DE or IX is not a file handle
        A = RC_Wp, destination file is write protected
        A = RC_xxx, No Room, I/O error during copying process.

Registers changed after return:
   ..BCDEHL/IXIY same
   AF....../.... different 


API call implemented in OZ 5.0.

Internal operating system usage, however may be useful for applications. Use GN_Opf with OP_IN for source file, and OP_OUT for target file.

Related calls

GN_Cl, close file
GN_Del, delete a file from memory
GN_Opf, open file/resource (wildcard search)
GN_Ren, rename file
GN_Cpy, copy a file
GN_Mov, move a file
OS_Cl, internal close (OZ usage)
OS_Frm, file read miscellaneous
OS_Fwm, file write miscellaneous
OS_Gb, get byte from file (or device)
OS_Gbt, get byte from file (or device) with timeout
OS_Mv, move bytes between stream and memory
OS_Op, internal open (OZ sage)
OS_Pb, write byte to file, device
OS_Pbt, write byte to file, device with timeout
OS_Ren, file rename (internal OZ usage)

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