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The EazyLink popdown has grown into a versatile remote file management tool over the years. Most of the work was done "off-line", recording the version history manually without using a revision control system. Here follows the version history as it is written in one of the source code files (formatted slightly here for easier reading):

Converted to QL Z80 Cross Assembler format, 08.03.91             
Improved and converted to Z88 ROM application format, 18.12.91

V0.241, 10.11.90 - 28.06.91                                      
V0.25   10.07.91                                                 
V0.26   15.07.91                                                 
V0.27   01.08.91                                                 
V0.271  ????????       transmitting ESC B 00 ...                 
                       calling PCLINK II 'Hello' will also install
                       Auto Translation and Auto CR > CRLF conversion.

V0.272  01.10.91       bug in Fetch_RAM_devices: 'File not found' error when current directory 
                       for application isn't the root directory. Wrong device specifier.

V0.273  05.10.91       program crash if Search_filer receives timeout on transmitting files. 
                       IX handle for serial port wasn't re-installed on timeout error.

V1.0    03.05.92       only 512 bytes in segment 0 are used as working buffer. System information
                       are no longer put on a stack and then transmitted, but sent immediately 
                       on each found name. esc_h1_cmd (fetch z88 devices):
                       wildcard is in segment 0 due to a bug in OZ.
                       A '*' is appended to remote wildcard specifies. (request of file names and directories)
                       a 'soft reset' of the serial port is now issued to install the defined 
                       communication parameters in the Panel.
                       in V2 the serial port wasn't 'soft reset' which caused protocol errors since
                       the panel parameters wasn't installed in the serial port driver 
                       (the Panel popdown does this automatically when ENTER is pressed).
                       PC-link II don't issue a soft reset either which means that if the serial port
                       previously had been installed with 'Xon/Xoff Yes', this would cause protocol
                       errors with the IBM PC LINK II program.

V1.1                   Extended protocol with additional commands included (Multilink V2)
09.06.93               Split up into modules for new Z80 Cross Assembler

V4.2                   Serial port protokol algorithms improved.

V4.3, 03.03.95         Automatical directory creation on receiving files from outside

V4.4                   Extended protokol fetch filename & directories commands changed:
                       The wildcard hmust be explicitly spercified, e.g. ":ram.1/dir/*"

V4.5, 05.09.96         ESC "v" command added: Client gets version of EasyLink Server
                       and file protocol level
                       ESC "x" command added: Client queries for file size.
                       ESC "u" command added: Client queries for file Update Date Stamp ("dd-mm-yyyy hh:mm:ss" format)
                       ESC "f" command added: Client queries for existence of file.
08.09.96               ESC "U" command added: Client sets (Create/Update) date stamp of file in Z88

V4.6, 22.08.97         ESC "r" command added: Client sets EasyLink Server to delete file on Z88
                       ESC "z" command added: Client queries EasyLink Server to update (re-load) the translation table
                       Server release "4.6", protocol version updated to "02"
V4.7, 07.10.97         ESC "y" command added: Client requests for Directory Create
                       ESC "w" command added: Client requests for File Rename
                       ESC "U" command extended: Update Date Stamp added...
09.10.97               ESC "g" command added: Client requests for default Device/Directory
18.10.97               ESC "m" command added: Client requests for estimated free memory

V4.8, 27.10.97         ESC "u" command extended: Create Date Stamp added
                       ESC "p" command added: Set System Clock
V4.8, 17.11.97         ESC "e" command added: Get System Clock
                       Server release "4.8", protocol version updated to "04"

V4.9, 18.12.97         EazyLink appears now as a single popdown, accessed by #L.
                       Command menu implemented in separate window which allowes:
                            1. Toggle translation ON/OFF
                            2. Toggle Line Feed Conversion ON/OFF
                            3. Use std. ISO/LATIN 1 translations
                            4. Load translations
                            5. Quit EazyLink.

V5.0, 20.12.97         Several messages were not placed in log window. Now fixed.
                       OZ internal keyboard queue purged while using hardware scanning
                       of keyboard.

V5.0.4, 07.06.2005     Serial port logging to "/" and "/serdump.out".
                       (Implemented as MTH commands)
                       Auto Software handshaking used for PCLINK II protocol: Xon/Xoff Yes
                       Auto Hardware handshaking used for EazyLink protocol (Xon/Xoff No)
                       (Software handshaking is default when EazyLink is started)
                       "PCLINK II" blinking message in topic window during PCLINK II protocol


V5.1 Release changes has been recorded in our Git repository and contains the new features to work on File Cards (Flash / UV Eprom).

The following pages describes all features available.

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