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You have got a Z88 off E-Bay or at a computer fair. Does it work? What accessories do you really need after that?

This is what this section will attempt to address. There are two sections which are

  • What you need - the Quick Guide
  • Getting it working - Z88 Help

Z88 Quick Guides

Here are some small one page Z88 Quick Guides which may be useful. They have been made up from bits of papers that Z88 users have made.

Z88 Quick Guide

PipeDream Commands
Instructions on using PC Link II and converting Pipedream file to Word Perfect
PipeDream to Word Conversion 

Note: There is an easier way now!

The following files were written before ROMupdate was written. Please see the   Updating OZ for more information on this.

Old upgrading Flash Cards
Upgrading Flash Cards - 1
Upgrading Flash Cards - 2
Upgrading Flash Cards - 3





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