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This was going to be a small booklet designed in 1992 to be with you and your Z88 always and help you when things start appearing to go wrong with your Z88. The booklet never happened because of costs, so we have added it to our web pages instead.

It tells you how to find out what has gone wrong and has good housekeeping tips to keep your Z88 in shape. It is not designed to tell you everything you can do with your Z88, if you need that information, then `Z88 Magic' or the user guide would help you. There are also other Z88 help leaflets designed by other people that have been received. These have also been scanned in to help you. 

There is a FAST-TRACK following several request by users for a list of `easy-to-use' instructions to get the Z88 running would be helpful.

How help is organised

Navigation is done by using the window on the left-hand side. This allows quick access to the various points. Remember to select 'New Window' in your Web browser, if you do not wish to lose your place.

When troubleshooting, there are certain steps to figure out what has gone wrong. These steps may need to be repeated for different symptoms. As some topics are mentioned several times, hyper-links are used. If there is a reference to another topic, these will be shown in italics.

Section 1 - Z88 Not Working lists the steps you need to do and

Section 2 - Fault Finding details the steps. 

Section 3 - Good Housekeeping. Following these can save you from disasters - (if they are followed beforehand).

Section 4 - Odd Bin with useful information that I can't be fitted into any of the other sections. Unexplained happenings are attempted to be explained here.

Section 5 - Bugs with possible solutions. Manufacturers often don't admit that their products have bugs. I would like to thank Mark Andrews at Cambridge Computers for sending me some bug sheets from Scotland and to John Crouchley who compiled a list of bugs in 1989. These bugs have been fixed the the latest version of OZ.

Section 6 - Getting Z88 Set Up - This is the FAST-TRACK see above..

Section 7 - File Conversion discusses file conversion between Pipedream, Word and (eventually) other programs.

Section 8 - Pipedream Mailmerge - Dave Stewart's method.

Section 9 - Printing to Printer

Do not JUMP

You may be tempted to jump steps thinking, `No it can't be that.' This is a BIG MISTAKE. There is a difference between what you think is wrong and what was really wrong.

You would be surprised how many `faulty Z88s' have been returned, which only needed a new set of batteries. Please follow the steps methodically. It does pay off in the end. Good luck and have fun!

Other Help Leaflets

Cambridge North America

The 10 minute guide to the Cambridge Z88 for Macintosh owners was produced by Cambridge North America

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