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Welcome to the Z88 User Guide.


This is the original Z88 User Guide, 4th edition, as it were shipped with a Cambridge Z88 computer, edited with updated screen-shots and graphics. This work started when Per Svensson a long time ago meticiously scanned and organized 1/3 of sections to html and the rest in text files and images. We have now completed the entire book in wiki-format. The contents are preserved as a legacy to the original manual.

We have exported the current content as a PDF - click here to download.

A new user guide is being authored that will reflect the latest improvements of the Cambridge Z88 ROM - a collaborative effort by the community. We are now writing a continuous updated user guide which describes the features of the ROM. Read latest (always reflecting latest OZ release HERE).

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  1. Anonymous

    Any way to download all pages in one PDF?

    1. Indeed!

      Click "Browse" on the top header (Next to "Confluence"), then Space Operations, then Export PDF..


      Best regards

  2. Anonymous

    I have an original Z88 User Manual plus a Z88 User guide As well as a ZX Spectrum Microdrive and Interface 1 manual looking for a home.
    If you are interested please contact me at pghmilbank@