V1.1.4 Release notes

25th January 2014

The Z88 Development Team has issued a minor improvement-release, OZvm V1.1.4. Since V1.1.3, a few improvements have been done in the debug command line for stepping Z80 machine code instructions, and a bugfix for the "boz" debug command.

Installation notes
Download Link
OZvm V1.1.4 - Windows-installer.exe29.5MB2014/01/25

Download EXE installer to desktop, double-click to start installation. Supported to run on Windows XP SP2+, Vista, 7 & 8. The executable binaries are 32bit for Intel architecture. Out-of-the-box execution, requires no Java Runtime.

OZvm V1.1.4 - Linux-installer.run32.3MB2014/01/25Download RUN installer to Gnome / KDE (or other X-Windows based) desktop, apply chmod +x, then execute from command line or desktop file browser. Supported to install and run on DEB package distributions like Debian & Ubuntu, RPM package distributions like Fedora, Mandriva, OpenSuse and PcLinuxOS. The executables are designed for 32bit Intel architectures, but may be installed on 64bit as well (32bit support libraries must be installed). Out-of-the-box execution, requires no Java Runtime. The executables are Distribution independent.
OZvm V1.1.4 - MAC OS X App.zip3.6MB2014/01/25Download Zip, unpack and drag to Application folder. Supported to run on Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and newer. Requires Java runtime to be installed on your Mac system. Implemented with Mac look and feel user interface guidelines.
OZvm - V1.1.4 Java Jar + Z88 Roms.zip3.3MB2014/01/25For all platforms with OpenJDK / Oracle Java 1.6+ runtime installed on your system: Download Zip, unpack into preferred folder on your desktop system. Type "java -jar z88.jar" to execute application.

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