V5.2.3 Release Notes

9th June 2015

The Z88 team presents EazyLink popdown V5.2.3, a minor improvement and bugfix release. This stand-alone edition is targeted for all Z88 ROM's ever released by both Cambridge Computer and our own ROM releases. We have identified a few problems, as listed below, since V.5.2.1 release:

  • Eazylink V5.2.2 links against stdlib: Bugfix in Standard Library EprRequest routine: Fixed wrong offset to $3FxE location for 'OZ' header patching (bug found in OZ ROM through OZ-67 issue).
  • added "Received in XX minutes/seconds/cs" message when receiving files from Desktop.
  • added "Sent in XX minutes/seconds/cs" message.
  • fixed stack-crash when trying to save a file to non-existing card file area or file area not writeable.

This is the final feature-release of the stand-alone popdown version. This edition will only receive bugfixes in future releases. New features and dedicated improvements will only be available via the OZ-integrated Eazylink popdown (OZ V4.5 supports 38400 BPS in EazyLink).

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