Release Notes

The following describes the development history of these notes, in reverse order, identifying the latest changes first in the list. Changes to the documentation are not described in detail, but more in general to identify what has been changes according to the previous release.

v5.0, 2017-2022

Read what's new in OZ 5.0 API.

v4.7, December 2016

Eprom File Area and EPR device added. Internationalization API described. ISO tables added. General improvements and fixing.

v4.6, August - October 2015

New API's for OZ V4.6 added. Documentation of explicit memory allocation API. Documentation of application Install and Removal. General improvements and fixing.

v4.5, June 2014 - July 2015

New API's for OZ V4.5 added. Improved documentation of the screen files. General improvements and fixing.

v4.3, November 2011 - June 2012

Updated title to "v4.3" to follow the OZ release version. OZ V4.3 is incremental improvement to V4.2, but without any changes to the API. These notes are being imported from the Git repository and updated accordingly. Still a work-in-progress.

v4.2, September 2007

Since V3.2, many small updates have been made. These notes now follow the OZ release version, to tie the documentation and ROM together. OZ V4.2 has received many improvements under the hood, and has also been extended with new publically available features; new APIs in OS_Epr, new system call OS_Fep for Flash Card Management, new Panel API for international keyboard handling and OS_Nq has received a new API for free memory.

v3.2, October 1999:

Edited by Gunther Strube, Thierry Peycru, Dennis Gröning. Various corrections, many updates and news from OZ disassembly. Implementation of TOC and Quick Reference links. Text ported to HTML with Dennis Gröning's excellent PipeView utility.

v3.0, 1995: 

V2 Text OCR-scanned & ported to PipeDream by Gunther Strube, re-arranged and improved with additions. Vic Gerhardi supplied material with old photo-copies of OZ definitions from printed pages of original source code (only definitions - no real code unfortunately).


Z88 Developers' Notes v2.00, (C) Copyright Cambridge Computer Ltd. 1989 
v2.00 documentation published by Cambridge Computer Ltd. 1989

Authors, v2.00: Matthew Elton, John Harrison 
Consultants, v2.00: Matthew Soar, Trinity Concepts Ltd, Jim Westwood, Graham French


Z88 Developers' Notes v.093, (C) Copyright Cambridge Computer Ltd. 1988 (Published by Matthew Soar here)
Authors: John Harrison, Matthew Elton 
Consultants: Matthew Soar, Trinity Concepts Ltd, Jim Westwood, Graham French

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