EazyLink2 V1.0 Beta 1 Release Notes

23th July 2012

The Z88 Development Team is proud to release EazyLink2 V1.0 Beta 1. This point release is our first public release after three months of development. This is the first client that is available for the three most used desktop operating systems; Windows XP+, Mac OS X for Intel CPUs & Linux for Intel CPUs. To fully utilize all features, we recommend to also install the Z88 EazyLink popdown V5.2 or later, which this client uses to communicate optimally with the Z88 (mandatory version is V5.0).


27th Aug 2015

Download of Beta releases removed. Please download final 1.0 release, https://sourceforge.net/projects/z88/files/EazyLink%20Desktop%20Client/

PlatformVersionSizeAddedInstallation notesDownload Link

Download EXE installer to desktop, double-click to start installation. Supported to run on Windows XP SP2+, Vista & 7.

eazylink2-1.0-BETA1-linux-installer.run11.1MB2012/07/19Download RUN installer to Gnome / KDE (or other X-Windows based) desktop, apply chmod +x, then execute from command line or desktop file browser. Supported to install and run on DEB package distributions like Debian & Ubuntu, RPM package distributions like Fedora, Mandriva, OpenSuse and PcLinuxOS.
   Installer will be done for beta 2 release. Expected release end of September 2012. 

Main features in this release

  • Multi-language & end-user friendly, graphical installers/Un-installer using Bitrock InstallerBuilder for your preferred desktop operating system: Windows / Linux or Mac OS X.
  • Easy to use graphical application, featuring two-panel file view (left side is Z88, right side displays desktop filing system).
  • Two communication modes; transfer files between Z88 and desktop computer using built-in Imp/Export popdown or using EazyLink popdown 5.0 or later
  • Drag'n drop files between panels or from desktop file browser to Z88.
  • Upload/download recursively entire folders between desktop and Z88.
  • Uploaded files uses date stamps from desktop filing system.
  • Preserve connection setting across usage of Z88 communication.
  • All remote file management features as they are supported by Z88 EazyLink popdown (single point management of Z88 files from your desktop computer):
    • Z88 EazyLink popdown V5.0 and later
      • Up/download files from Z88 RAM devices.
      • Delete/Rename Z88 files and folders
      • Read/Update Z88 file date stamps
      • Synchronize desktop clock to Z88
      • Transparent text file linefeed conversion
      • ISO Character translation table conversion between desktop and Z88
    • Z88 EazyLink popdown V5.1
      • File listing of File Cards
      • Read File size on File Cards
      • Up/download files from Z88 File Cards (read from all cards, write files to Flash File Cards).
      • Mark files as deleted on Flash File Cards
    • Z88 EazyLink popdown V5.2
      • Read Z88 File Device size / free space
      • Read Z88 File CRC-32 (RAM / File Card devices)

Work done in this release

Below you will see the list of work and features with all the technical details, that we have done. Click on the links to read issue contents:

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