Z88 EPROM Magazines


It all started in 1987. Roy Woodward published the first edition of Z88 EPROM - the magazine of the Z88 Users' Club. The Club produced 41 issues of Z88 EPROM in 6 volumes ending with Volume 6 No. 6 in 1993 before it went defunct. The Club was several thousand members strong from all over the world.

Those people who never discovered the Z88 Users' Club will never see the fantastic content of these newsletter magazines. Keith Rickard has scanned in all of those issues and added them here.

The content of these magazines is copyrighted with the Z88 Users' Club. We have not been in contact with Roy Woodward to confirm that it is acceptable to publish them.

Our wish is to preserve the legacy of Z88 Users' club; these magazines are an important part of the Z88's history and should be shared with all who still have a place for the Z88. That is what we're sure that the contributors to the Z88 EPROM believe.

Z88 Eprom Library files

Garry Lancaster has provided a complete collection of Zip files of all programs that members were contributing to the Z88 Eprom Users' club on his "Z88 Forever" pages. Click this link, to read the overview of files.

Index of "Z88 EPROM" from inception SEPT 1987 to JULY 1993 by PHILIP HODSON (member 0713)

This table was extracted from Dennis Gröning's Z88 resources web site (see here).

Default sort ordering is by subject. Click on grey column header to change sorting style, eg. by author, Page Number or Date of issue.

Page number is a sequence of Volume, Issue, then page number. For example, 6.3.22 (May/June 92) is Volume 6, Issue 3, page 22: "Overview of Milton Keynes workshop earlier in 1992"

SubjectAuthorPageDate Of IssueShort description
#B.J NEWHey4.5.21Jun 90
#I|CARD#V~S~EFoweraker5.9.29Nov 91A means of ensuring DIARY is at top of INDEX window.
* bugMarsh2.5.7Sep/Oct 88
*/*/**Crouchley3.5.12Sep/Oct 89Causes crash & deletes all RAM.
*//*Robertson2.3.13May/Jun 88
*//*Crouchley3.5.22Sep/Oct 89bug when spooling to S.sgn
*CLIFoot2.1.30Jan/Feb 88
*DELETEFoot2.1.30Jan/Feb 88
*EDITEditor2.3.2May/Jun 88
*ERASEFoot2.1.30Jan/Feb 88
*LOADRussell3.1.14Jan/Feb 89Not available so alternatives suggested
*NAMEFoot2.1.30Jan/Feb 88
*RENAMEFoot2.1.30Jan/Feb 88
*SAVERussell3.1.14Jan/Feb 89Not available so alternatives suggested
:RAM.-Hey4.9.11Nov 90
:RAM.-Hey4.9.17Nov 90Advice summary
:RAM.-Groning5.7.12Sep 91
:RAM.- BugHey4.9.11Nov 90
:RAM.*/*/**Caldwell2.3.18May/Jun 88Total loss of :RAM files reported with this wildcard.
'?' bugPhipps3.1.23Jan/Feb 89
[]+KCooper4.2.16Mar 90
[]+KHey4.9.11Nov 90
[]+SCooper4.2.16Mar 90
[]+SHey4.5.20Jun 90
[]+SHey4.9.11Nov 90
^# Pipedream bugCrouchley3.5.12Sep/Oct 89
^B Pipedream bugCrouchley3.5.12Sep/Oct 89
|[|Groning5.7.12Sep 91
<>'Hodson4.6.28Aug 90
<>' = `Hodson3.5.7Sep/Oct 89
<> PURGERobertson2.3.14May/Jun 88
<>,Groning5.7.12Sep 91
<>[Groning5.7.12Sep 91
<>BRP Pipedream bugCrouchley3.5.11Sep/Oct 89
<>CARDHey5.8.18Oct 91
<>EIP Pipedream bugPhipps3.5.12Sep/Oct 89
<>FU Printer Ed.Braby1.2.7Nov/Dec 87
<>LFCRobinson2.5.10Sep/Oct 88Fix Cursor
<>PURGEHey4.9.13Nov 90
<>SPACEPhipps3.4.12Jul/Aug 89As a cure for broken underline
<>TABMcClement3.6.6Nov 89
<>W at 0de Lacey3.6.6Nov 89Details a believed bug which is explained at 3.7.6
<>W at 0. To recover the ColMeadway3.7.6Dec 89Reply to 3.6.6
1200P modemEditor2.5.5Sep/Oct 88
500 CC ModemEditor2.5.5Sep/Oct 88
A Dabhand GuideAllen4.9.17Nov 90Book Review by Hey
A Day at the WorkshopO'Hare6.3.22May/June 92Overview of Milton Keynes workshop earlier in 1992
A Rose by any other NameHey5.5.15Jun 91Aliasing
A Trip around the UniverseHey5.8.14Oct 91Overview of RangerUniverse
A001 EP-FETCHMarsh4.10.12Dec 90
A002 SCRAZBLEMarsh4.10.12Dec 90
A002 ZCHECKBeddoe5.5.33Jun 91ROM version of Z123. Scans files 7 reports on changes
A004 ZMENUBeddoe5.5.33Jun 91Makes use of CLI's easier
Access Pipedream fm BASICLawrenson2.4.16Jul/Aug 88Query
Acknowledge signalHarrison4.3.6Apr 90
Acorn Electron-Z88Cantrell3.5.8Sep/Oct 89Is there a link Prog?
ADAMRanger4.4.4May 90Description of
ADAMRanger4.5.3Jun 90New Analogue to digital Converter
ALARMFoweraker6.4.15Nov 92
AlarmsLawrie6.6.12Jul 93Organising multiple alarms
AliasesHey5.5.15Jun 91
AliasesHey5.6.23Aug 91
AliasesFoweraker5.9.29Nov 91
Alkaline batteriesLawrie6.4.6Nov 92recharging & reply to Collins 5.9.13
Alkaline cellsLawrie5.7.13Sep 91"Recharging; description of a charger, diagram, formulas"
Amiga-Z88Glover4.2.10Mar 90re plotter
Amiga-Z88 LINKEditor4.1.5Feb 90
Amstrad CPC 6128Drozd3.6.7Nov 89Query on file transfer
Amstrad CPC 6128 to Z88 TfrKennedy3.7.8Dec 89wiring for 9 pin D to 25 pin D
Amstrad NC100Editor6.3.6May/June 92Description
Amstrad NC100Butterfield6.4.29Nov 92
Amstrad PCW/Z88Poole6.2.23Mar/Apr 92PIP. []+P for print of Filer contents
Amstrad-Z88 transferC-Port1.2.23Nov/Dec 87
Apple McintoshEditor4.9.5Nov 90
Application definitionMarsh4.10.11Dec 90
Application launchingHey5.6.22Aug 91CLI's
Application LibraryMarsh4.10.11Dec 90Discussion of
Application LibraryEditor4.10.3Dec 90Description of
Application Library (Axxx)Marsh5.5.33Jun 91Update
APR Average Percentage RateLawrie6.4.6Nov 92Z165
Apricot computerScholefield1.2.4Nov/Dec 87see 2.4.14
Archimedes UsersEditor4.7.31Sep 90sub-librarian address
ARRAY (BASIC)Willey6.5.14Mar 93
ASCIIFoot2.1.31Jan/Feb 88
ASCIIMoon4.4.15May 90
ASCIIGroning5.7.11Sep 91Transfer problems
ASCII codesCooper3.4.27Jul/Aug 89
ASCII codesStewart6.1.29Feb 92
ASCII Codes To find themHodson4.6.28Aug 90
AS-EASY-ASShaw4.2.10Mar 90Query re PC LINK II
Assembler programmesListon3.1.13Jan/Feb 89
Astra SatelliteEditor3.1.7Jan/Feb 89
ASTRA vs BSB SatellitesBullas3.3.15May/Jun 89
Astral Navigation programGray3.1.16Jan/Feb 89
Astro-Navigators for sailorsBowker3.6.6Nov 89
Atari PortfolioEditor4.7.5Sep 90
Atari portfolioEditor4.9.5Nov 90
Atari ST-Link to Z88Music Suite3.2.10Mar/Apr 89Software Review by Braby
AUTORussell5.3.8Apr 91
Auto deletion of temp filesGempf4.6.23Aug 90i.e. :RAM.- files
Auto Diary Page TurnerPhipps2.5.12Sep/Oct 88
Auto paragraph numberingWard5.10.13Dec 91Query about
Auto paragraph numberingKitchenside6.1.12Feb 92"IF(A2=""\"",MAX(B$1B1)+1,"""")"
Auto paragraph numberingFoweraker6.1.20Feb 92
Auto paragraph numbersWright6.2.9Mar/Apr 92Description
Auto paragraph numbersFoweraker6.3.14May/June 92reply to HG Wright
Automatic SAVE of BASICNewman3.3.10May/Jun 89
Autosave CLI PipedreamGajsler2.5.15Sep/Oct 88
Aviation Software ToolsEditor3.4.8Jul/Aug 89re Pilot's Companion
"Backspacing (?,BS,""_"")"Gilmore3.3.9May/Jun 89
Backup SystemCollins6.6.6Jul 93A backup system to Z-Tape
Barcode readerRanger4.5.3Jun 90Description
BAS PATCH Warning of bug.v2.dEditor2.5.36Sep/Oct 88
BAS.PATCHBignall2.4.5Jul/Aug 88Screen dump command for Russell's BAS PATCH
BASICCelnick2.5.13Sep/Oct 88On entering #B.J NEW into a Pipedream for BASIC
BASIC & the CLI Part 3Hey4.5.17Jun 90Writing BASIC programs in Pipedream
Basic for BeginnersHodson3.1.14Jan/Feb 89Request for
BASIC for BeginnersCooper3.4.25Jul/Aug 89
BASIC for Beginners Part 1Cooper3.3.32May/Jun 89PRINT INPUT variables GOTO Count etc
BASIC for Beginners Part 3Cooper3.6.8Nov 89Use of INPUT WAIT RESTORE DATA etc
BASIC PATCHRussell2.3.30May/Jun 88Description of
BASIC Printing fromLawrie5.9.14Nov 91
BASIC progs EXecute fm AlarmMoon2.1.19Jan/Feb 88
BASIC simple programming 2Willey6.6.23Jul 93Loops *EDIT *EDBAS PROCE DIM LET PRINT INPUT REM GOTO FOR NEXT CLS, FOR count%, FOR number%,REPEAT UNTIL
BASIC to Pipedream listingScholefield1.2.12Nov/Dec 87
BASIC variables to PDM?Holt3.4.12Jul/Aug 89
BATT LOWLawrie5.10.29Dec 91
BATT LOWLawrie5.4.10May 91
BATT LOWGroning5.7.12Sep 91How dangerous?
BATT LOWPetrie5.9.6Nov 91
BatteriesHarris2.2.12Mar/Apr 88
BatteriesLawrie5.10.29Dec 91Tests of function
BatteriesLawrie5.4.10May 91
BatteriesMarsh5.6.13Aug 91On screen break up. Remove all ROM's EPROMS in slot 3 if batteries flat
BatteriesLawrie5.6.28Aug 91
BatteriesPetrie5.9.6Nov 91Boots Jessops & Sainsbury types
Batteries & chargersMack2.2.11Mar/Apr 88
Batteries externalMarsh2.5.7Sep/Oct 88
Batteries external internalisedHodson6.5.27Mar 93How to DIY
Batteries Ni-cadEditor1.1.15Sep/Oct 87
Batteries Ni-cadsEditor2.1.32Jan/Feb 88Battery holder tip
Batteries ni-cadsSwallow2.3.18May/Jun 88Sudden failure of. Plus advice
Batteries Ni-cadsGilbert2.4.13Jul/Aug 88
Battery holdersEditor3.2.35Mar/Apr 89Offer of withdrawn. Parts list for DIY.
Battery in card slots?Hodson5.5.10Jun 91
Battery usageEditor1.1.22Sep/Oct 87see dissent by CC at 1.2.9
Battery warningGilbert2.4.14Jul/Aug 88
Baud rateGroning5.7.9Sep 91
BBC BASIC CommandsLeitch2.3.17May/Jun 88Full list of
BBC discsPetrie5.9.6Nov 91Effect on Filer
BBC MASTER 512Robertson2.3.11May/Jun 88Adjusting Ptr Ed codes for transfer
BBC Micro-Z88 File TransferMoon2.1.15Jan/Feb 88wiring for cable.
BBCBASIC(Z80) Reference ManualM-Tec3.2.5Mar/Apr 89
BBC-Z88 LinkJacobs E5.8.10Oct 91
BBS-Z88Phipps4.2.32Mar 90
BEEBLINK v1.0Moon2.1.17Jan/Feb 88Listing of
Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction CodeCooper3.3.32May/Jun 89
Best utility programsLawrie6.1.31Feb 92
BJ10e Printer DriverGijenbergs5.3.17Apr 91
Block SaveSutherland5.7.28Sep 91
Books for ChristmasHey4.9.25Nov 90Book reviews by Hey
BOOT.CLIMarsh2.6.11Nov/Dec 88
BOOT.CLIShaw4.2.10Mar 90deletion of from :RAM.-
BOOT.CLIHey4.9.16Nov 90
BOOT.CLIMorris6.2.13Mar/Apr 92Deleting file in RAM.-. See 6.3.13 Foweraker
BOOT.CLIFoweraker6.3.13May/June 92"Comments on J Morris's at 6.2.13. Use of *.* and .* in CLI's; a ref to ""Dark & Stormy Night"" "
BOOT.CLILawrie6.3.27May/June 92Coments on file in :RAM.-, X002 fkeys, Z163 eprom manager
Boot.CliFoweraker6.4.15Nov 92with hard & soft reset
Boot.CLI bugMarsh3.5.22Sep/Oct 89
BOOT.CLI deletion fm :RAM.-Winsor4.2.13Mar 90see 4.2.10
BOOT.CLI deletion fm :RAM.-Dieppe4.2.14Mar 90
Broken underlinePhipps3.4.12Jul/Aug 89
Brother EP44Scholefield1.2.4Nov/Dec 87
Brother EP44Wynn2.1.11Jan/Feb 88settings for
Brother HR 15Irving2.3.20May/Jun 88Ptr Ed Listing
Brother HR 5 PaperListon3.1.14Jan/Feb 89Cheaper Fax paper tip
Brother HR10 printerSmith4.1.11Feb 90Settings
Brother HR5Brother2.4.22Jul/Aug 88Hardware Review
Brother M1109Mackay2.1.13Jan/Feb 88Form feed query & ref to Eprom packs,& CARD col in INDEX.
Brother M1509Gilmore3.3.9May/Jun 89
BTOS/CTOS transferPhipps2.2.30Mar/Apr 88
Bug List for Z88Crouchley3.5.11Sep/Oct 89
BugsEditor2.3.8May/Jun 88
BugsWinsor4.1.9Feb 90
Bugs Z88Jordan/O'Donnell5.1.22Feb 91Several interesting comments
Bulletin boardPhipps4.1.27Feb 90Definition of
Buzzbox modemMackay2.2.13Mar/Apr 88
C.C.L BASIC editorLawrie6.3.15May/June 92"When PROCE(n) produces ""syntax error"" message"
C.Itoh Daisywheel printerEditor2.2.8Mar/Apr 88printer driver for 1.1.20?
Cable connections to PCSheppard6.2.22Mar/Apr 92To joystick type slot
Cambridge InstrumentsEditor6.6.5Jul 93Renaming of CCL as CI
Cambridge TopperEditor2.6.7Nov/Dec 88
Cambridge TopperGray3.3.37May/Jun 89Accessory review
Canon BJ10Ward5.10.13Dec 91Multi-printing on
Canon BJ10eGijenbergs5.3.15Apr 91Review of
Canon BJ10eEditor5.3.3Apr 91Lockups of. (Eventually fixed on the BJ10ex
Canon BJ10eLee5.3.3Apr 91Lockups of. Cable tricks
Canon BJ10eGijsenbergs5.4.21May 91print sample
Canon BJ10eGroning5.7.13Sep 91Codes for microspacing, and Bold printing. Listing error reported at 6.1.28
Canon BJ10eStewart6.1.28Feb 92Double width double high code
Canon BJ10e PrinterEditor5.2.9Mar 91Description
CARD TRICKHey5.6.22Aug 91#I|CARD|[~U~D|CARDetc See Foweraker 6.3.13 for shorter form
Card TrickFoweraker5.9.29Nov 91#I|CARD#V~S~E
Card TrickFoweraker6.3.13May/June 92#I|CARD#V~S~E and other similars
Cardbase FrontEndPhipps3.1.33Jan/Feb 89
Catalogue files date&timeMeijeran2.1.10Jan/Feb 88see 2.3.15
Cataloguing filesHodson6.1.7Feb 92"Obtaining a complete catalogue of the Z88's files; and of Disk files"
Cataloguing the ROMBorman1.2.7Nov/Dec 87
CCLEditor3.3.6May/Jun 89re satellite dishes
CCL AddressEditor6.4.3Nov 92
CCL Strategy of. LetterBoxer3.4.10Jul/Aug 89
Change device CLIGray2.4.16Jul/Aug 88
Character editors Z048 Z066Hey3.6.7Nov 89reply to Ambrose 3.5.8 VDU codes
Character translationsNye4.6.16Aug 90Query on. See Thorne 2.4.17
CHR$(1)Foot2.1.31Jan/Feb 88
Citizen 120 PrinterRogers2.2.12Mar/Apr 88See 2.3.21
Citizen LSP-10Davies2.3.21May/Jun 88
CIXPhipps4.2.32Mar 90
CLIScholefield1.2.12Nov/Dec 87
CLIRobinson2.5.8Sep/Oct 88
CLIFoweraker6.4.15Nov 92
CLI & BASICCooper4.2.16Mar 90
CLI & long files down serial port bugCrouchley3.5.22Sep/Oct 89
CLI ESC |[Groning5.7.12Sep 91Problems
CLI filesHey3.2.6Mar/Apr 89Request for contributions
CLI filesCooper4.2.14Mar 90description of their function
CLI from BASIC part 2Hey4.4.21May 90
CLI from BASIC part 1Hey4.3.12Apr 90
CLI Input buffer fullPhipps3.4.13Jul/Aug 89Bug with CLI
Clock auto time changeHey4.1.10Feb 90
Club leafletsEditor4.6.3Aug 90
CLUB SUPERCHIPEditor6.5.5Mar 93
Club Workshop Review 1.4.89Carter3.3.11May/Jun 89
Club Z88 USAFenn3.4.9Jul/Aug 89
Coax plug polarity ofGilbert2.4.14Jul/Aug 88Correction to 1.2.6
Colton Software AddressEditor5.5.5Jun 91
Column merging Pipedream bugScholefield2.2.6Mar/Apr 88for fix see 2.3.14
Columns disappearing onesGlover2.1.13Jan/Feb 88Recovery of in reply to 1.2.7
Comdex Fall '90Viewing4.10.14Dec 90
COMDEX Fall '91Viewing5.9.21Nov 91
Command Line InterpreterCooper4.2.14Mar 90
Command Recall in BASICAmbrose3.5.8Sep/Oct 89Query, is there a way?
Comms CommentPhipps4.1.27Feb 90
Comms CommentPhipps4.2.32Mar 90
Comms CornerAmbrose4.4.30May 90On modems: Amstrad MC2400, Mirror II, Hayes
Competition BAS ProgrammesEditor4.8.11Oct 90
Competition resultsEditor5.1.14Feb 91
Competition TimeHey4.5.29Jun 90For the world's smallest programme
Computer ConceptsEditor3.3.7May/Jun 89re Spellmaster
Condensed printBraby1.2.8Nov/Dec 87re spreadsheets
Connecting 2 Z88'sGroning5.7.7Sep 91
Continuous underliningGilmore3.3.9May/Jun 89
Corrupting ROMs/EpromsMarsh5.6.13Aug 91Remove all ROM's EPROMS in slot 3 if batteries flat
COUNTzS&S3.6.23Nov 89Educational
CountzS&S4.2.4Mar 90
Credit Card callersEditor5.10.4Dec 910602 726307
Crossword no. 1Axford3.2.23Mar/Apr 89
Crossword No.2Axford3.3.31May/Jun 89and answers to crossword no. 1
Crossword No.2 answers
3.4.32Jul/Aug 89
Cut & PasteHey5.4.16May 91CLI's
Dabs Press addressEditor3.7.4Dec 89
Daisywheel TypewritersHodson4.10.25Dec 90
Data filesLeitch2.3.15May/Jun 88
Data OrganiserHarvester3.4.28Jul/Aug 89Software review by Braby
DATA statementsHey4.3.15Apr 90See correction by Russell 4.4.24
DATA statementsHey4.4.24May 90Correction of Hey 4.3.12 by Russell
DatabitsGroning5.7.9Sep 91
DataeaseMoon4.4.20May 90
Datatronics Discovery 1200P ModemPlatts4.4.8May 90Problems of
Date @ d@Nicholson5.5.11Jun 91"End of date ""chopped off"""
Date.CLIMarsh4.3.15Apr 90Listing by Hey
dBASEMoon4.4.15May 90
DBase of Attainment TargetsS&S4.2.4Mar 90for Educatioon national Curriculum
Default Input String BASICLewis4.6.15Aug 90used by Boam in SaveTo Disk *CLI :RAM.
Deleting rows Pipedream bugCrouchley3.5.11Sep/Oct 89
Demise of Z88?Scott3.3.7May/Jun 89letter
DeviceMackay2.2.14Mar/Apr 88for fix see 2.3.14 & 2.4.16
Device <>SVRobertson2.3.14May/Jun 88Fix for 2.2.14
Devices 3 extraBorman1.2.7Nov/Dec 87:INP.0 :OUT.0 :ROM.0
DIABLO 630/RICOH RP1600 prtr dvrsEditor1.1.20Sep/Oct 87
Diagram 12 volt power supplyManson3.5.27Sep/Oct 89
Diagram 9way-25wayEditor1.1.12Sep/Oct 87
Diagram Alkaline cell chargerLawrie5.7.14Sep 91
Diagram BBC Micro-Z88 leadMoon2.1.15Nov/Dec 87
Diagram EPROM storageStevenson3.2.25Mar/Apr 89
Diagram Z88Editor2.1.19Jan/Feb 88
Diagram Z88-Spectrum cableRobinson1.2.6Nov/Dec 87.
DiaryFoweraker6.1.23Feb 92memory used
Diary datesThorne2.4.17Jul/Aug 88
Diary files editing in PipedreamMoon2.1.16Jan/Feb 88see 2.4.18
Diary tipsFoweraker6.5.17Mar 93
DiodeFoweraker5.9.28Nov 91
DiodesLawrie6.4.7Nov 92reply to 5.9.28
Direct-LineBraby4.9.31Nov 90Kybernesis rehoused with
DirectoriesCooper3.2.7Mar/Apr 89Creating and selecting
Disc DrivesEditor3.7.3Dec 89
DISC-88Phipps3.4.14Jul/Aug 89
Discovery 1200P ModemGreen4.6.16Aug 90
Disk Drive Systems Z88Phipps3.4.13Jul/Aug 89Review of
Document tabulation & addrStewart5.5.13Jun 91
E.F.S. RS232 Switch boxEditor2.6.7Nov/Dec 88
EAzY MoneyWordmongers3.6.22Nov 89Educational
EAzY Money
4.7.14Sep 90Software review by Braby
EAzY MONEYBraby5.3.9Apr 91
Editing BASIC in PipedreamLawrie6.3.15May/June 92About not splitting the lines in Pipedream
Educating the Z88Moon4.4.9May 90A need to comm. with Acorn PC Nimbus
EFS AddressEditor6.4.3Nov 92
4.6.5Aug 90Editor
EP-FetchHey5.9.13Nov 91
EP-Fetch Z028Hey5.8.20Oct 91
EPROM catalogue of Save & fetchHey2.6.13Nov/Dec 88
Eprom CheckFoweraker5.9.29Nov 91
EPROM EraserEditor1.1.17Sep/Oct 87
Eprom EraserPearson5.10.14Dec 91DIY tips. See Russell 6.1.5
Eprom EraserPetrie5.9.6Nov 91
Eprom EraserRussell6.1.5Feb 92How they are charged as empty or not. reply to Pearson 5.10.14
Eprom EraserLawrie6.4.8Nov 92Home built eraser
Eprom Eraser KitMacKay4.4.7May 90
EPROM file deletionsMarsh2.6.12Nov/Dec 88
EPROM Files as applicationsMacKay3.1.16Jan/Feb 89Query
Eprom Manager Z163Boam6.4.9Nov 92Recommendation by Lawrie
"EPROM save to; re batteries"Editor1.2.9Nov/Dec 87re 1.1.22
EPROM storageEditor1.1.16Sep/Oct 87
Eprom StorageStevenson3.2.24Mar/Apr 89How data is organised on Eproms.
Eprom to Archimedes Disc TfrMackenzie4.1.12Feb 90
EPROMSRussell5.3.8Apr 91re 4.10.? Re EPROM & EEPROM
EpromsPearson6.4.26Nov 92managing Eproms with Z021 Z027 Z028
Eproms 256KHey5.9.13Nov 91
Eproms 256K BugsGerhardi5.7.22Sep 91"use of ""SPACE"""
Eproms in slot 2Cannon3.5.8Sep/Oct 89Do they use power?
EPROMS power usageEditor1.2.10Nov/Dec 87
Eproms reading themLewis4.2.17Mar 90Machine code description
EPROMS Saving spaceFoweraker6.5.17Mar 93
EPSON diskdriveEditor1.1.17Sep/Oct 87
Epson PF10Penrith3.5.8Sep/Oct 89Query, as an external drive?
Epson RX80 wiring to Z88Anonymous2.3.23May/Jun 88
Erase CommandHey4.9.15Nov 90
Erasing :RAM.- CLIWinsor4.7.12Sep 90Erasing via alarm
Error handling BASICCooper3.6.13Nov 89
Error Trap in BASICLawrie6.3.15May/June 92An error trap for all BASIC programmes
ESCGroning5.7.11Sep 91Problems
Event Control SystemPhipps4.1.28Feb 90
ExcelMoon4.4.14May 90
EXecuteRobertson2.3.13May/Jun 88re 1.2.12 (Fix this problem with #I|CARD#V~S~E~D~E) see Foweraker 6.3.13
EXECUTE filesScholefield1.2.12Nov/Dec 87see 2.3.13 & 4.5.20
Expansion portEditor2.4.6Jul/Aug 88
Extended SequenceStewart5.3.23Apr 91
External power supply & serial portCrouchley3.5.23Sep/Oct 89
Extra charactersPearson6.4.30Nov 92[][ []\ []] [] ` <>' Backspace <>BSE <>BRP
FAILMarsh2.6.12Nov/Dec 88
FAILHey4.9.15Nov 90
FailLawrie5.10.29Dec 91Voltage level for
Fax machines. Using themEditor6.5.4Mar 93
FAX Modem Ranger'sEditor5.5.4Jun 91Sends FAX's only
FerrettGerhardi/Hodson6.1.10Feb 92Outline of
Fidonet BBS MailboxLittlejohns4.10.6Dec 90
File erasingHey4.9.17Nov 90Erasing those that resist erasure
File in Use Error messageGreen3.5.9Sep/Oct 89
File organisationHey5.10.23Dec 91
File securityFoweraker6.5.27Mar 93
File TransferEditor1.1.19Sep/Oct 87
File transfer z88/QLReader5.9.10Nov 91
FilenamesLawrie6.3.15May/June 92Deleting filenames in Eprom Listing
Filer bugHey5.9.13Nov 91One or two character names
Filer bug described v2.2Zadwadski2.1.5Jan/Feb 88
Filer catalogue bugCrouchley3.5.12Sep/Oct 89
Filofax paperJones2.5.16Sep/Oct 88
Flight PlannerAviation Software Tools3.6.17Nov 89
Foam (shaped) for briefcaseDe Salvo4.4.8May 90Recommends Custom Cases Waltham Cross
Foreign CharactersHey4.7.12Sep 90Query. How to do?
Foreign CharactersHey5.3.27Apr 91
FORM 7 AdministratorS&S3.6.23Nov 89Educational
FoxBaseMoon4.4.20May 90
Front Line ComputersEditor3.3.6May/Jun 89re Event control System
FUNctionKEY.BASHey4.3.12Apr 90Listing
Funkey.basEdwards4.6.23Aug 90An amendment. getting new instantiations of Pipedream
GolfWordmongers4.8.23Oct 90Software review by Hey
Graphical User InterfaceGUIViewing5.9.21Nov 91
Graphics DumpRussell4.6.25Aug 90ammendment
Graphs in PipedreamBlessed6.2.10Mar/Apr 92Description
Greetings from DenmarkStrube/Madsen/Mikkelson4.3.22Apr 90Detailed listing of bugs, faliings and improvements required
Guardian (password routine)Dansoft4.9.6Nov 90
Hard reset reqdCrouchley3.5.24Sep/Oct 89
HardcaseRanger4.4.4May 90
HARDCASERanger4.5.4Jun 90
Hardware handshakingGroning5.7.8Sep 91
HarvesterEditor3.3.7May/Jun 89re spell checker
Harvester Information SysHaynes4.4.9May 90reported as in difficulty
Harvester productsEditor2.6.7Nov/Dec 88
Hewlett Packard Graphics LanguageGlover4.2.10Mar 90
Hewlett-Packard codesStewart6.1.30Feb 92
Hex codesStewart6.1.29Feb 92
Highlight Codes & linesNye4.6.16Aug 90Tip
HIMEM - BASICCrouchley3.5.12Sep/Oct 89
HIMENScholefield1.2.3Nov/Dec 87Reset caused
Hints for BeginnersLawrie6.1.31Feb 92
Hitek MarketingEditor6.1.4Feb 92Not related to the Z88 user club
Illustrating BBC BASICAlcock2.5.15Sep/Oct 88Book. Rec by Braby
ImpExp []X Use ofHodson4.6.30Aug 90For correction of wiring comms cable see 5.5.7
ImpExp []X Use ofHodson5.5.8Jun 91
IMPEXP80Carpenter3.1.13Jan/Feb 89Comments on. use CP/M v4 or later, and others. See 2.5.16
IMPEXP80Prestage2.5.16Sep/Oct 88Software Review. See 3.1.13 2.6.27
IMPEXP80C-Port2.6.27Nov/Dec 88Review addition by Prestage of 2.5.16
IMPEXP88Whyte2.1.7Jan/Feb 88
IMPEXP88Ramage2.3.20May/Jun 88IBM-Z88 Batch files problem
Imp-ExportGroning5.7.11Sep 91Transfer times
Import/Export IMP/EXP bugCrouchley3.5.22Sep/Oct 89and fox for
Import/Export IMP/EXP bugPhipps3.5.22Sep/Oct 89
IN USECooper3.2.9Mar/Apr 89
IN USE errorMarsh2.5.8Sep/Oct 88
IN USE NO ROOMFowereaker6.1.24Feb 92can any machine coder devise a prog. to unlock?
Incorrect polarityRobinson1.2.6Nov/Dec 87
INDEX vols 1&2Editor2.6.44Nov/Dec 88
Index Volume 3Editor3.7.24Dec 89
Index volume 4Editor5.1.14Feb 91
Indirect expression bug PDMCrouchley3.5.11Sep/Oct 89
INFINITY ROMRakewell6.5.5Mar 93
INFOMATEDarby6.4.9Nov 92A data capture programme
Inside your Z88Editor1.2.16Nov/Dec 87incl. line drawing of
IntegerHodson6.3.10May/June 92Comments on
IntegerWilley6.5.13Mar 93
Interrupt of printingHansson4.2.11Mar 90Query
InterwordCelnick2.5.13Sep/Oct 88
Invisible ColumnsMeadway3.7.6Dec 89
It was a Dark & Stormy NightHey4.9.11Nov 90
Juki 6100 printerCelnick2.5.13Sep/Oct 88
K.sgnScholefield1.2.14Nov/Dec 87
KermitNealy3.1.15Jan/Feb 89Request for development
KermitWright5.8.11Oct 91
KeyboardPhipps3.4.12Jul/Aug 89
Keyboard cleaningLynch4.2.11Mar 90
Keyboard guardNewborough3.4.10Jul/Aug 89Query
Keyboard membraneLittlejohns4.10.7Dec 90Power leakage
Keyboard repairHodson4.6.26Aug 90Swabbing with isopropyl
Keyboard repairsBeach5.9.27Nov 91
Keyboard Z88Editor1.1.14Sep/Oct 87
Keystrokes failingBridle3.3.9May/Jun 89
Kodak DICONEX 150 PrinterBraby4.5.26Jun 90Review of
KybernesisPhipps4.1.27Feb 90
KybernesisPhipps4.2.32Mar 90
KybernesisEditor4.7.31Sep 90
KybernesisBraby4.9.31Nov 90reported closed
Labelling EpromsStewart5.5.14Jun 91Saving a filename in plain text
LED Battery MonitorKennedy6.5.15Mar 93
LET (BASIC)Willey6.5.13Mar 93
Lexlink-CRanger4.6.7Aug 90
LightfingersPhipps4.1.27Feb 90
Lindis InternationalSmith4.1.11Feb 90re NIMBUS & ATARI Links
Lindis InternationalMoon4.4.14May 90
Line count bugPhipps3.5.12Sep/Oct 89
List filesSwallow2.3.19May/Jun 88
List filesJones2.4.16Jul/Aug 88ref to query of 2.3.18. This seems to refer to list file, rather than problems on 2.3.18
List FilesSutherland5.7.26Sep 91In Pipedream
List FilesFoweraker5.9.29Nov 91
List files bugPhipps3.5.12Sep/Oct 89Not substantiated?
List Files Handling ofSutherland5.7.26Sep 91
LIST IFRussell4.6.26Aug 90
Loading Columns -PipedreamRobertson2.3.14May/Jun 88Fix for bug
Loading filesO'Hare6.3.24May/June 92Use of <>FL,[]F, point TAB ESC ENTER
Looking thro' the BASIC ROMLeitch2.3.14May/Jun 88
Loops in BASICCooper3.4.26Jul/Aug 89"FOR NEXT; REPEAT UNTIL; ARRAY"
LotusMoon4.4.14May 90
Lotus 1-2-3Hey5.8.20Oct 91
Lotus SymphonyWhyte2.1.8Jan/Feb 88
LOTUS SYMPHONY - PipedreamLeitch2.3.16May/Jun 88
Machine codeHodson5.5.11Jun 91anyone want to learn?
Mac-LinkHodson6.5.7Mar 93
MAF NZRanger4.5.4Jun 90
Mailbox directoryPhipps2.2.31Mar/Apr 88
MailmergePhipps2.4.5Jul/Aug 88Corrections to listing at 2.3.29
Mailmerge PipedreamPhipps2.3.29May/Jun 88This listing is incomplete. See 2.4.5 for the rest
Mains adapter failureWaldegrave4.4.8May 90
Marsh Steve addressMarsh4.10.14Dec 90
"Members's ""wants"" list"Hodson6.3.12May/June 92Suggestion
MEMORYHey4.9.11Nov 90
MemoryFoweraker6.1.23Feb 92Comments on OZ. Reply to Jacobs E
Memory PagingMarsh2.5.12Sep/Oct 88Query
Memory paging on the Z88Stevenson2.6.39Nov/Dec 88Corrections to 2.5.20
Memory Paging on Z88Stevenson2.5.20Sep/Oct 88For errors in the listing see 2.6.39
Memory usageEditor1.1.22Sep/Oct 87
MergingSmith4.1.11Feb 90
Michael Hey's BlackspotHey5.10.23Dec 91
MicronetEditor2.3.6May/Jun 8888 Corner re Spectrum
MicrospacingStewart6.1.29Feb 92
Microspacing in PipedreamPhipps2.2.29Mar/Apr 88
MilezS&S4.2.4Mar 90
Miracle Parallel InterfacePhipps2.6.40Nov/Dec 88
Miracle Systems addressPhipps2.6.40Nov/Dec 88
Miracle Z88 ModemMiracle2.4.18Jul/Aug 88Hardware Review
Modem 1200PEditor2.4.7Jul/Aug 88
Modem HelpMarsh2.5.8Sep/Oct 88
Modem infoBraby4.9.32Nov 90
Monitor for Z88Rawson3.4.12Jul/Aug 89See video interface 5.5.25
Morse codeMackay6.4.7Nov 92Radio & Z88
Mortgage calculatorStewart5.5.14Jun 91
Mortgages IF THEN ELSELawrie5.6.29Aug 91
M-TECEditor3.2.5Mar/Apr 89
Multi-filesPreedy2.2.25Mar/Apr 88Use of List files
MULTI-PRINT-BASHey4.4.23May 90Description of. There is an error at Line 120. A space is reqd before #
Music Suite address
3.7.20Dec 89
Name & Addresses fileCarter3.7.6Dec 89Linking Pipedream, Atari St, PD ST Writer
News & Bugs from WordmongersKaye4.5.23Jun 90
Ni-Cad batteriesJacob H5.10.12Dec 91Exhaustion of
NLQGilbert2.4.14Jul/Aug 88
NO ROOMCrouchley3.5.25Sep/Oct 89
NO ROOMHey4.9.11Nov 90
NO ROOMPetrie5.9.6Nov 91
NO ROOMFoweraker6.1.23Feb 92
NO ROOM and use of :RAM.-Marsh2.6.12Nov/Dec 88
Old ScoresRockman1.2.23Nov/Dec 87The first game for the Z88
Olympia Carrera Comms boxHodson4.10.25Dec 90
Options PageSutherland5.7.26Sep 91
Opus DiscoveryWornham2.2.12Mar/Apr 88
ORDER CLIHodson6.5.8Mar 93
Overheating Z88'sGray4.8.17Oct 90
OZO'Hare6.3.23May/June 92effects of saving and retrieving files
P.C. PipedreamColton Software2.4.6Jul/Aug 88
P.S.U.sLawrie6.3.15May/June 92Unregulated PSUs - warning
Pad characater <>SpaceElliot2.5.14Sep/Oct 88Reply to Thorne 2.4.17
PAD charactersThorne2.4.17Jul/Aug 88Inserting Printer Ed codes into Pipedream. See 2.5.14
Page length bug >255Crouchley3.5.11Sep/Oct 89
PagebreaksPreedy2.2.25Mar/Apr 88
PaginationSutherland5.7.27Sep 91
Panel & Printer Ed problemsWhatmough2.1.5Jan/Feb 88
Parallel Printer cableHarrison4.3.6Apr 90Failure with Toshiba 301 Expresswriter & fix
Parallel printer cableEditor5.4.4May 91Lockups on BJ10e
ParityGroning5.7.10Sep 91
PasswordBorman2.2.28Mar/Apr 88Listing
Pause on a daisywheel printerCelnick2.5.13Sep/Oct 88Query. See Hodson 4.10.25
PC LinkWhyte2.1.8Jan/Feb 88
4.6.5Aug 90Editor
PC Link 2Jordan/O'Donnell5.1.21Feb 91
PC LINK IIReader5.9.11Nov 91
PC PipedreamColton Software2.4.28Jul/Aug 88Software Review
PC PipedreamColton Software2.6.36Nov/Dec 88Part 1 Review
PC PipedreamMoon4.4.15May 90
PC Pipedream Part 2Colton Software3.1.16Jan/Feb 89Software review
PCICPhipps3.4.14Jul/Aug 89
PCLINKMarsh4.2.13Mar 90Frustrations of
PCLinkHey5.8.20Oct 91
PC-LINKBenison2.4.12Jul/Aug 88
PC-LINKRanger3.7.12Dec 89
4.6.32Aug 90Updated
PC-Link2Groning5.7.11Sep 91Transfer times
PCSUFoweraker5.9.30Nov 91Problems and help wanted
Personal 80 Mobile PrinterEditor4.1.5Feb 90description
Personal 80 PrinterWoodward4.2.27Mar 90Hardware review. see 4.2.3
Personal Computor World
4.5.6Jun 90Hey lists errors and corrections in their article of June 1990
Phone Post SystemWordmongers1.2.23Nov/Dec 87
PhonezS&S4.2.4Mar 90
PICTEXTRobinson2.5.9Sep/Oct 88Picture of a horse chestnut leaf
Pilot's CompanionAviation Software Tools3.6.17
Z88 Flight Planner
PipedreamRodmell3.1.11Jan/Feb 89Improvements suggested in its role as a spreadsheet.
PipedreamZawadski4.2.10Mar 90"re non-standard text; brother HR5 excess line feeds"
PipedreamKnox4.3.7Apr 90Suggestion for another wordprocessor
PipedreamFoweraker6.1.23Feb 92memory used
Pipedream Database use ofAllen4.1.13Feb 90
Pipedream PatchHodson6.5.7Mar 93a need for
Pipedream Setting width to 0Cornhill1.2.7Nov/Dec 87See 2.1.13 for fix
Pipedream spreadsheetsLawrenson2.2.13Mar/Apr 88& soft resets
Pipeream merging PipedreamMorris5.6.13Aug 91Bug
Plain Man's Guide to BASICWilley6.5.10Mar 93
PointersHey4.9.14Nov 90
Poquet PCEditor4.9.5Nov 90
Portfolio Program Z148Shackel5.4.24May 91overview of Z148
Power from 12 volt supplyManson3.5.25Sep/Oct 89
POWER In LEDHodson6.5.29Mar 93How to DIY
PrestelEditor2.1.3Jan/Feb 88re Double 8
PRESTELBernardi2.5.11Sep/Oct 88
PrestelMarsh4.2.12Mar 90
Prestel access via CLIFinch3.3.10May/Jun 89CLI to drive Comm88 Query. Reply 3.4.13. see 3.2.10
PRINT $&FE45 OR $-443Russell2.5.14Sep/Oct 88Reply TO 2.3.14
Print a selection of rowsAllen4.1.13Feb 90
PRINT ERRCooper3.6.13Nov 89Spellchecker reviewed by hey
Printer Ed - switch off LFCrouchley3.5.22Sep/Oct 89
Printer Ed & ? bugPhipps3.5.22Sep/Oct 89
Printer Ed and CHAR codesGroning3.6.7Nov 89
Printer Ed and FAILPhipps3.5.22Sep/Oct 89See Fix at 5.7.13 & 3.6.6
Printer Ed bugPhipps3.1.23Jan/Feb 89See fix at 5.7.13
Printer Ed BugGroning3.6.6Nov 89Fix described using Y at CR for Ext. Seq.
Printer Ed bugStewart5.3.22Apr 91
Printer Editer bugGroning5.7.13Sep 91How to correct this
Printer Editor bugDavies2.3.21May/Jun 88
Printer Setup HelplineStewart5.3.21Apr 91"Notes on Z88, other drivers, printer Ed bug on Z88; extended sequence"
Printing foreign accentsPearson6.4.30Nov 92Acute grave cedilla circumflex diaeresis tilde bar
Printing from BASICWinsor4.2.14Mar 90
Printing odd then even pagesHodson6.5.7Mar 93Query
Printing particular rowsTomas4.7.12Sep 90
PROCOMMGroning5.7.11Sep 91Transfer times
Prog to remove CR and £Moon4.4.17May 90
Programmers' groupBoam5.4.7May 91Idea for one
Psion MC400Editor4.9.5Nov 90
Psion QuillReader5.9.11Nov 91
PSU RepairSheppard6.2.21Mar/Apr 92repair to plastic leg of mains adapter
PSU repair (Mains adapter)Hodson5.5.10Jun 91
PSU'sSchlosser5.4.8May 91Polarity of. ref to 1.2.6
QLReader5.9.10Nov 91
QL IMPEXPBorman2.1.24Jan/Feb 88Review by Braby
QL transferBorman1.2.8Nov/Dec 87review of
QL TransferGlover2.1.14Jan/Feb 88reply to 1.2.8
QL/Pipedream progJones6.2.9Mar/Apr 92Description
QL/Z88Matthews6.1.6Feb 92Transfering spreadsheets. QZ, QL Sector Software Jones. also see ref 6.2.9
QL-Z88 file transferSector Software2.1.21Jan/Feb 88review by Braby
QualsoftKaye4.5.13Jun 90"tel nos: 01 to 071;081 conversion prog"
QuestionsMeadway3.7.7Dec 89Queries on 512k RAM, keyboard cleaning, EPROM contacts, Parallel printer wiring, PSU to trickle charge, Z88 Annual
Quickedit bugCrouchley3.5.23Sep/Oct 89
Quickedit bugsCrouchley3.5.24Sep/Oct 89
Quill to Pipedream transferRobinson2.2.10Mar/Apr 88
Radio Logging amateur contestsBartram3.5.8Sep/Oct 89
RakewellEditor4.6.5Aug 90
Rakewell CompetitionEditor5.10.4Dec 91
Rakewell SeminarsHodson3.5.7Sep/Oct 89Splendiferous
RAM chips internalFoweraker5.9.30Nov 91
RAM deleted file recoveryMarsh2.6.12Nov/Dec 88
RAM.-Lawrie6.4.7Nov 92Erasing RAM.- from within a BASIC prog.
RangerEditor3.3.5May/Jun 89re disk drive 5.25 inch
Ranger Computers AddressEditor5.5.5Jun 91
Ranger Hardware & SoftwareRanger4.2.6Mar 90
RangerDiskHey5.8.21Oct 91
RangerDisk (1)Editor3.5.5Sep/Oct 89description of
RangerDisk 2Editor4.8.5Oct 90
RangerDisk 2Editor5.10.4Dec 91Description of
Rangerdisk 2Hodson6.5.7Mar 93needs of
RangerDisk Drive (1)Ranger3.7.10Dec 89Hardware Review Short cut codes listed eg <>DD etc
RangerLinkRanger4.8.30Oct 90Software review by Hey
RangerLinkEditor5.6.5Aug 91
RangerLinkGroning5.7.11Sep 91Transfer times
RangerLinkHey5.8.20Oct 91
RangerLinkEditor6.2.5Mar/Apr 92Description
RangerUniverseEditor5.6.4Aug 91Description
RangerUniverse2Editor6.2.4Mar/Apr 92Description
RangerWorldEditor5.1.5Feb 91
Readers' surveyEditor3.5.8Sep/Oct 89
READY-STEADY-GOHambly2.2.14Mar/Apr 88Comparison of computer speeds
ReceivingGroning5.7.10Sep 91BGET BPUT :COM.0
Recharging alkaline cellsCollins5.9.12Nov 91
REMWilley6.5.11Mar 93
Renaming library progr.Editor2.6.43Nov/Dec 88
RENUMBERRussell5.3.8Apr 91
ResetsFoweraker5.9.29Nov 91
Resisters for LED's formulaHodson6.5.30Mar 93
Reverse polarityFoweraker5.9.28Nov 91
RF InterferenceReading2.3.17May/Jun 88
ROM version 2.2Editor1.1.24Sep/Oct 87
ROM Version 4Woodward6.6.14Jul 93How it is improved over version 3
ROM version 4Editor6.6.3Jul 93description
Rows and Columns in PipedreamColton Software3.1.18Jan/Feb 89Numbers of
RS232 access fm BASICBarrett2.5.14Sep/Oct 88
RS232 Box EFSEditor2.5.5Sep/Oct 88
RS-232 Port accessing fm BASICBarrett2.6.11Nov/Dec 88
RS232 SWITCHBOXE.F.S.3.1.18Jan/Feb 89Review by Phipps
RUNHey4.5.21Jun 90
S&S Computer AdviceShackel4.9.29Nov 90
S&S T-TouchEditor2.6.8Nov/Dec 88
S.sgnScholefield1.2.12Nov/Dec 87
Satellite projectEditor3.1.8Jan/Feb 89
Satellite receiverEditor2.6.9Nov/Dec 88
SCHOOL AdministratorS&S3.6.23Nov 89
SCII files & PC LINK IIReader5.9.11Nov 91
SCRAZBLEWordmongersComputer Concepts2.4.10Jul/Aug 88Descrip by Brady
ScrazbleWordmongers4.6.5Aug 90Editor
Scrolling screenLeitch2.3.15May/Jun 88Holding the scrolling <>SHIFT
Search & Replace <>BRPCelnick2.5.13Sep/Oct 88With respect to Interword
Self Managing Z88 IIFoweraker6.5.17Mar 93Doing the daily backup
Self repairing Z88Foweraker6.4.15Nov 92use of alarm & CLI
Self Repairing Z88 IIFoweraker6.5.25Mar 93
Self-Managing Z88 Part 3Foweraker6.6.9Jul 93The Weekly Wash
Send to Z88 not readyGroning5.7.8Sep 91
Sending BitsGroning5.7.9Sep 91
Serial port bugsCrouchley3.5.22Sep/Oct 89
Serial Port wiringGroning5.7.6Sep 91
Sharps of MechanicsvilleEditor4.3.4Apr 90
Sharp's of MechanicsvilleEditor4.4.6May 90
SHIFT/TABMcClement3.6.6Nov 89
SIDEWAYS=LANDSCAPE PrintGallagher4.2.10Mar 90Query
Soft resetsPetrie5.9.5Nov 91Apparently due to static
Soft resetsO'Hare6.3.23May/June 92benefits of
Software handshakingGroning5.7.8Sep 91
Software Library AddressBraby6.5.31Mar 93
SpaceHey5.8.18Oct 91An info Popdown
Spectrum UsersEditor4.7.31Sep 90
Spectrum-LinkGroning5.7.11Sep 91Transfer times
Spectrum-Z88Braby2.5.15Sep/Oct 88
Speed of file transferGroning5.7.10Sep 91
Spell CheckerComputer Concepts2.4.8Jul/Aug 88
SpellmasterComputer Concepts2.3.5May/Jun 88
SpellmasterComputer Concepts2.5.30Sep/Oct 88Software review
SpellmasterComputer Concepts2.6.25Nov/Dec 88Software review by Phipps
SpellmasterPhipps3.5.25Sep/Oct 89
SpellmasterHodson3.5.5Sep/Oct 89incompatible with Z-TAPE?
SpellmasterEditor5.4.6May 91
SpellmasterHey5.8.15Oct 91
Spellmaster 1.03 bugsCrouchley3.5.23Sep/Oct 89
Spellmaster 1.03 bugsCrouchley3.5.24Sep/Oct 89
Spellmaster v1.03Computer Concepts2.6.6Nov/Dec 88A bug on v1.02 causes FAIL
Split Comms cableCalvert4.3.33Apr 90
Spool filesMarsh2.5.7Sep/Oct 88Cataloguing files from BASIC
SqueeZ~88Rakewell4.6.6Aug 90
SqueeZ~88Editor5.1.4Feb 91Description
SqueeZ~88Editor5.2.14Mar 91Review
SqueeZ~88Berry5.2.25Mar 91Technical description
SqueeZ~88Hey5.8.18Oct 91
ST LINK - Z88 V.3.Braby3.7.15Dec 89
Star LC-10Caldwell2.3.18May/Jun 88Form feed problem & fix
Star LC-10 Multifont PrntrHill3.7.7Dec 89Baud rates with minds of their own
StarJet-48Stewart6.1.30Feb 92
StartbitGroning5.7.9Sep 91
StaticFoweraker5.9.29Nov 91
Stepper motor contrl Z88Thorne3.5.27Sep/Oct 89
Sterling ZS02Braby5.8.10Oct 91Personal Finance System Overview
StopwatchesRacing Car Computers3.3.13May/Jun 89Software review
Structural design Calc. SysFrameworks6.6.20Jul 93Analysis prog for engineers
ST-Z88 LINKEditor4.1.5Feb 90
SuperchipWordmongers2.6.8Nov/Dec 88
SupertwistaliteAware Technology2.6.28Nov/Dec 88Review
SupertwistaliteStansbie3.1.11Jan/Feb 89Complaint regarding pricing
SWITZCH BOXRakewell6.6.20Jul 93For 4 peripherals
SysopMarsh4.2.13Mar 90
TAB.BASHey4.4.21May 90Description of. Error at Line 140. A space reqd before #See also Jun 90
TAB's ProgHey4.5.29Jun 90
Tandata ModemHall5.1.13Feb 91Request for help
Tandy Portable Disk DriveRanger3.7.12Dec 89
Tandy WP-2Editor4.7.4Sep 90
Tandy WP-2Editor4.8.6Oct 90
Telecom GoldPhipps3.1.23Jan/Feb 89
Terminal []VGroning5.7.11Sep 91Transfer problems
Terminal Parity. XonXoff bugCrouchley3.5.22Sep/Oct 89
Text editingHodson5.5.9Jun 91use of ROW <>BRE A1, A2 An etc
Text scannersHodson5.5.11Jun 91can anyone make one?
Text Styles using CHR$Preedy2.2.19Mar/Apr 88
The Cuckoo's EggStoll4.5.28Jun 90Book Review by Woodward
The Music SuiteEditor4.1.5Feb 90
Think of a NumberHambly2.1.27Jan/Feb 88Listing
Think of an ObjectMcMeekin1.2.10Nov/Dec 87Listing of
Think of an Object GAMEMcMeekin2.5.16Sep/Oct 88Correction to the listing at1.2.11 by Butcher
THINKzWordmongers3.6.27Nov 89
ThinkzEditor4.3.3Apr 90report
ThinkZWordmongers4.8.21Oct 90
THINKzWordmongers5.1.31Feb 91
Three Card MonteHambly2.2.31Mar/Apr 88Listing
TK ComputerwareEditor2.4.7Jul/Aug 88
TK ComputerwareEditor3.3.5May/Jun 89re disk drive
TK ComputerwareEditor5.1.4Feb 91re XOB Disc drive
Top TotalsHuggins6.2.30Mar/Apr 92Totals at top of spreadsheet.
TopperEditor4.9.5Nov 90
Toshiba 3100eField4.1.11Feb 90
TRASHHey5.8.19Oct 91
Tree CopyHey4.9.13Nov 90
Trickle charging batteriesLawrie5.6.29Aug 91
TRS80 100/200Redding2.1.10Jan/Feb 88
T-TouchS&S3.1.21Jan/Feb 89Software Review
T-TouchS&S Computor Advice3.1.6Jan/Feb 89
T-TOUCHS&S3.6.23Nov 89Educational
Twenty-one letter TrickHambly2.3.27May/Jun 88Listing of
Typeahead bugCrouchley3.5.23Sep/Oct 89
Undocumented featuresFoot2.1.30Jan/Feb 88"of BASIC; and of VDU 1"
Undocumented featuresBorman2.2.17Mar/Apr 88
Unexpanded memoryMarsh2.6.13Nov/Dec 88
Unwanted printer charactersStewart6.1.27Feb 92
Uppercase/Lowercase recognitionEditor2.6.43Nov/Dec 88
User Definable GraphicsAmbrose3.5.29Sep/Oct 89
Users' ManualGroning5.7.12Sep 91ref version 3
Using your Z88Hall4.7.22Sep 90Book Review by Hey
Using your Z88Hall P4.9.26Nov 90Book review by Hey
WAIT Making BASIC waitCooper3.6.8Nov 89
Variables (BASIC)Willey6.5.12Mar 93
VAT calculatorBraby1.2.11Nov/Dec 87see 2.5.16 & 6.3.10 & Z191
VAT CalculatorHodson6.3.10May/June 92Comments on See Z191
VDU 1Foot2.1.31Jan/Feb 88See 3.4.25
VDU CODESCooper3.4.27Jul/Aug 89"Make flashing text; bold; block effect;half-height text, underline; beep; clear display. Also see P31 Jan/Feb 88."
VDU commandsBorman2.2.17Mar/Apr 88See 2.1.31 3.4.25
VDU7Hey4.5.21Jun 90
Which? reportEditor4.9.5Nov 90On laptop computers. High rating for Z88
Wieseman & TheisEarlam5.5.28Jun 91re video interface
View ProfessionalMoon2.1.15Jan/Feb 88
View ProfessionalAllen4.1.13Feb 90
View professional (BBC)Colton2.6.9Nov/Dec 88
WindowsMoon4.4.14May 90
Vision 100 Terminal EmulatorRanger4.5.6Jun 90Further review by Calvert
Vision 100 VT100/220Calvert4.3.31Apr 90Software Review
Vision/LHey5.8.21Oct 91
Withered ToadWordmongers2.2.4Mar/Apr 88
Withered ToadGreen3.1.16Jan/Feb 89Query
Volts Control chipGilbert2.4.14Jul/Aug 88
WordchipHarvester3.6.14Nov 89
Wordmonger newsPhipps3.4.21Jul/Aug 89
Wordmongers NewslineWordmongers3.1.26Jan/Feb 89PPS Phone Post, TX, Modems, terminal software,
Wordmongers PPS bulletin boardEditor2.3.7May/Jun 88
Wordmongers updateWordmongers3.2.22

Wordmongers UpdateWordmongers4.10.10Dec 90Superchip upgrades ZBase
Wordperfect-Wordstar-PipedreamGray2.4.17Jul/Aug 88
WordstarHey5.8.20Oct 91
WordwiseMoon4.4.14May 90
Wordwise/Z88Jacobs E5.8.7Oct 91
World Time ClockHodson6.5.8Mar 93idea
VT52 emulatorCalvert4.3.33Apr 90The Z88's terminal. use of .J
VT52 Terminal bugSims2.3.22May/Jun 88
X001 Footnotes/endnotesHey3.5.32Sep/Oct 89
X002 Function keysHey3.5.32Sep/Oct 89
X002 Function KeysHey3.6.33Nov 89
X003 Auto diary page turnerGreen3.5.32Sep/Oct 89
X004 SAVE all RAM to XOB diskHey3.5.32Sep/Oct 89
X005 Save all eprom to XOB diskHey3.5.32Sep/Oct 89
X005AHey4.3.34Apr 90report of a bug on X005A
X006 Marginal notes PDMKnox3.5.33Sep/Oct 89
X007 Spooler.CLIHarrison3.6.33Nov 89
X008 Date.CLIMarsh3.6.33Nov 89
X009 Diary amendmentsKay3.6.33Nov 89Correction to Line 60
X010 BOOT.CLIGroning4.1.26Feb 90
X011 Delete :RAM.-Groning4.1.26Feb 90
X012 RebootOvenden4.3.34Apr 90
X013 DWOvenden4.3.34Apr 90
X016 Fetchall.CLIWalton4.6.34Aug 90New
X017 LIST.CLIPalmer4.8.32Oct 90New
X018 EXEC.CLIPalmer4.8.32Oct 90New
X019 SPOOL.CLIPalmer4.8.32Oct 90New
X021 RAMFILESLawrie6.5.34Mar 93
XOBPhipps3.4.14Jul/Aug 89
XOB disc driveHey5.10.23Dec 91
XOB Disc ManagerPhipps3.4.15Jul/Aug 89
XOB DiskdriveEditor3.4.8Jul/Aug 89
XOB DriveHey5.8.22Oct 91
XOB sub-librarianLibrary update5.3.30Apr 91
Z TapePhipps3.4.13Jul/Aug 89
Z001 QL TransferBorman2.4.34Jul/Aug 88
Z002 Think of a numberHambly2.4.34Jul/Aug 88
Z003 Three Card TransferHambly2.4.34Jul/Aug 88
Z004 21 Letter TrickHambly2.4.34Jul/Aug 88
Z005 PasswordBorman2.4.34Jul/Aug 88
Z006 Currency exchangeLogiciels2.4.34Jul/Aug 88
Z007 BASIC PATCHRussell2.4.35Jul/Aug 88Updated to include Epson screen dump
Z007 BASIC PATCHRussell3.3.39May/Jun 89Update
Z008 FilerFAXWhite2.4.35Jul/Aug 88
Z009 LifeVernon2.4.35Jul/Aug 88
Z010 CalenderArmstrong2.4.35Jul/Aug 88
Z010 CalenderGroning6.2.32Mar/Apr 92Update of reported
Z010 Calender
6.5.32Mar 93update
Z011 HexdumpArmstrong2.4.35Jul/Aug 88
Z012 LabelsArmstrong2.4.35Jul/Aug 88
Z013 CalculatorArmstrong2.4.35Jul/Aug 88Full function, multi-register scientific
Z014 FuelButterworth2.4.35Jul/Aug 88
Z015 Currency converterButterworth2.4.36Jul/Aug 88
Z016 BASIC PATCHRussell3.3.39May/Jun 89Update
Z016 Graph PackBignall2.4.36Jul/Aug 88
Z017 City Bomber
2.5.35Sep/Oct 88GAME
Z018 Eric the Caterpillar
2.5.35Sep/Oct 88Game
Z019 Address book/label prtrOliver2.5.35Sep/Oct 88
Z020 Telephone directoryOliver2.5.35Sep/Oct 88
Z021 FetchallRussell2.5.35Sep/Oct 88
Z022 AnimalRussell2.5.36Sep/Oct 88Game
Z023 UtilitiesRussell2.5.36Sep/Oct 88
Z024 KingdomMarsh2.5.36Sep/Oct 88Game
Z024 KingdomMarsh2.6.42Nov/Dec 88Game
Z025 ReadcomMarsh2.5.36Sep/Oct 88
Z025 ReadcomMarsh2.6.42Nov/Dec 88reads the RS232 & dumps it to a file
Z026 FiledumpMarsh2.5.36Sep/Oct 88
Z026 FiledumpMarsh2.6.42Nov/Dec 88dumps files to screen
Z027 EPROMCATMarsh2.6.42Nov/Dec 88Catalogues Eprom & displays total space used
Z027 EpromCatStewart5.5.15Jun 91Commendation
Z028 Eprom Fetch
3.3.39May/Jun 89Update
Z028 EPROMReadMarsh2.6.42Nov/Dec 88
Z029 RAMcatMarsh2.6.42Nov/Dec 88
Z030 BBC-Z88Marsh2.6.42Nov/Dec 88
Z031 Printer Font DesignerPhipps2.6.42Nov/Dec 88For Epsons, eg DMP2000
Z032 COMPare (of files)Taylor2.6.43Nov/Dec 88
Z033 HexTaylor2.6.43Nov/Dec 88
Z034 MenuTaylor2.6.43Nov/Dec 88
Z035 DatapadIllman2.6.43Nov/Dec 88A BASIC scratch pad using VDU's
Z036 H-P Deskjet prtr edButterworth3.1.35Jan/Feb 89
Z037 Biorhythm.basThorne3.1.35Jan/Feb 89
Z038 MinMax.basThorne3.1.35Jan/Feb 89
Z039 Dr FEELGOODSmith3.2.33Mar/Apr 89
Z040 CodebreakerWhiston3.2.33Mar/Apr 89
Z041 Morph.basAware Technology3.2.34Mar/Apr 89
Z042 Plot.fixAware Technology3.2.34Mar/Apr 89
Z043 Compare.basAware Technology3.2.34Mar/Apr 89
Z044 Hexdump.basAware Technology3.2.34Mar/Apr 89
Z045 FNBASES.BASAware Technology3.2.34Mar/Apr 89
Z046 FNINTEGRAL.BASAware Technology3.2.34Mar/Apr 89
Z047 Z88FaxBerry4.10.32Dec 90Updated
Z047 Z88FaxEditer5.7.3Sep 91Supplies of paper for
Z047 Z88FAX (filofax prog)Berry3.2.33Mar/Apr 89Short description by Braby
Z047 Z88FAX (filofax)Berry3.2.34Mar/Apr 89
Z048 User Def character EdHey3.3.39May/Jun 89
Z049 LISTER.BASClub Z883.3.40May/Jun 89Lists ASCII (CLI) BASIC files in a structured format
Z050 EPROM LOAD.BASClub Z883.3.40May/Jun 89U.S> version of Z028
Z051 Z88COMPearson5.10.20Dec 91Description of Z051
Z051 Z88COMM.BASClub Z883.3.40May/Jun 89Z88 with Hayes modems
Z052 FADDER & DETABClub Z883.3.40May/Jun 89
Z053Club Z883.3.40May/Jun 89deleted
Z054 EPROMCAT.BASClub Z883.3.40May/Jun 89U.S. version of Z027
Z055 FILDMP.basClub Z883.3.40May/Jun 89
Z056 DISZ88Club Z883.3.40May/Jun 89an enhanced Z88 disasembler
Z057 Decide.BASClub Z883.3.40May/Jun 89
Z058 Finance.BasClub Z883.3.41May/Jun 89
Z059 Maxit.basClub Z883.3.41May/Jun 89
Z060 Wizard.basClub Z883.3.41May/Jun 89
Z061 FinancePellaud3.3.41May/Jun 89compund interest & annuities
Z062 INVESTPellaud3.3.41May/Jun 89
Z063 LINPROGPellaud3.3.41May/Jun 89
Z064 H-P Laserjet Prtr DrvrPellaud3.3.41May/Jun 89
Z065 DISTBEARNewstead3.3.42May/Jun 89fm map co-ordinates will calc distance and bearings
Z066 User def character Ed.Phipps3.3.42May/Jun 89produces VDU's to merge into your BASIC progs, or zBASE
Z067 zFORMAT.basPhipps3.3.42May/Jun 89Indents zBASE prog listings to make them more readable
Z068 BreakthruPhipps3.3.42May/Jun 89game
Z069 Patience.BasPhipps3.3.42May/Jun 89game
Z070 Bridgit.basPhipps3.3.42May/Jun 89game
Z071 TASFIXWaters3.3.43May/Jun 89Pipedream to PC-Tasword
Z072 Clock.basLewis3.3.43May/Jun 89A large digital clock
Z073 EpromStatStevenson3.3.43May/Jun 89
Z074 H-P Laser prntr driverStewart3.4.31Jul/Aug 89
Z075 Sound-BasStevenson3.4.31Jul/Aug 89
Z076 ReadabilityImpey3.4.31Jul/Aug 89Educational
Z077 ChessclockDieppe3.4.31Jul/Aug 89
Z078 Easter.BasDieppe3.4.31Jul/Aug 89
Z079 Statistical suiteRichards3.4.31Jul/Aug 89
Z079 Statistical SuiteRichards4.10.32Dec 90
Z080 StringBaseLewis4.2.33Mar 90Updated
4.6.32Aug 90
Z081 MENU.BASLewis3.4.32Jul/Aug 89Accesses BASIC progs & CLI's. Includes Hex/ASCII file dump
Z081 Menu.BASLewis4.2.33Mar 90Updated
Z081 PCLINKIIIMarsh4.4.31May 90error at line 20 described
Z083 QL-Z88 character translaterMerino3.5.33Sep/Oct 89
Z084Braby6.4.32Nov 92Phone Logger correction
Z084 Call logger
6.5.32Mar 93update
Z084 Phone LoggerFlemming3.7.22Dec 89
Z085 Logger (of keyboard)Flemming3.7.22Dec 89
Z086 Z88CodeCrouchley3.7.23Dec 89
Z087 SolitaireCrouchley3.7.23Dec 89
Z088 Phone.BASEdwards3.7.23Dec 89
Z089 BingoJones3.7.23Dec 89
Z089 Digital LN03 Laser Prnt DriverFischer4.2.33Mar 90New
Z090 BBC-Z88 Archinve SuiteSnedden3.7.23Dec 89
Z090 Database (string-based)Lewis3.4.31Jul/Aug 89
Z091 UDG MagicStevens3.7.23Dec 89
Z092 Regression AnalysisFiguera3.7.23Dec 89
Z093 PC Archive SuitePhipps3.7.23Dec 89Dispenses with PC LINK
Z094 Life3Crouchley3.7.24Dec 89
Z095 HEXDMPCrouchley3.7.24Dec 89
Z097 TimeMathThomas3.7.24Dec 89
Z099 St-Z88 LinkDolphin4.2.33Mar 90New
Z100van de Wouw4.7.32Sep 90Updated
Z100 Wordperfect Linkvan de Wouw5.8.24Oct 91Updated
Z100 Z88-Wordperfect Linkvan de Wouw4.2.33Mar 90New
Z101 PCLINKIIIMarsh4.2.34Mar 90New
Z102 SquirterMarsh4.2.34Mar 90New
Z103 EpromchkMarsh4.2.34Mar 90New. Checks for erasure
Z104 MapMarsh4.2.34Mar 90New
Z105 InventoryMarsh4.2.34Mar 90New
Z105 InventoryDavies5.9.31Nov 91updated
Z105 Inventory V2Davies5.5.32Jun 91Updated
Z106 Squeez/UnsqueezOvenden4.10.32Dec 90Updated
Z106 Squeez/unsqueezMarsh4.2.34Mar 90New
Z107 zBACKPhipps4.4.32May 90New. A version of Z081 PCLINKIII
Z108 Function KeysHey4.4.32May 90New. Adds function keys to Pipedream
Z109 FORTH INTERPRETERMerino4.4.32May 90New
Z109 Forth Interpreter V2.1Merino5.6.32Aug 91Updated
Z110 Z88/Spectrum ImpExpGroning4.4.32May 90New
Z110 Z88-IMPEXPGroning5.7.11Sep 91Transfer times
Z111 CopyfileGroning4.4.32May 90New
Z111 Copyfile.BASGroning5.8.24Oct 91Updated
Z112 Label PrinterGroning4.4.32May 90New
Z112 Label printerGroning5.8.24Oct 91Updated
Z113 Xerox 4045 Prnt DriverGroning4.4.32May 90New
Z113 Xerox4045 Lasr pr DrvGroning5.8.24Oct 91Updated
Z114 CAPS.BASHey4.4.33May 90New
Z115 Potters' SuiteFryman4.4.33May 90New
Z116 TAB.BASHey4.6.33Aug 90Updated
Z117 MULTI-COPY.BASHey4.6.33Aug 90New
Z118 STARTREK.BASSoar/Ogden/Hey4.6.33Aug 90New
Z119 PROTECT. BASOgden4.6.33Aug 90New
Z120 YACHTZEE.BASHunnable4.6.33Aug 90New
Z121 SpeederSayer4.7.32Sep 90New
Z122 PROGMAILBeddoe4.7.32Sep 90New
Z123 ZCHECKBeddoe4.7.32Sep 90New
Z125 LIST-COMPile.BASBoam4.9.31Nov 90Library New
Z126 INDEXER.BASBoam4.9.31Nov 90Library New
Z127 CROCADILE HUNTCox4.9.31Nov 90Library New
Z128 Z80DISassemblerRickard4.9.31Nov 90Library New
Z129 Kermit-88Wright4.10.32Dec 90New
Z130 SQENCOvenden4.10.32Dec 90Z106 re-written with encryption routine.
Z131 Astrological logsDevaney5.3.30Apr 91
Z132 Brother HR10 Prnt DrvrDevaney5.3.31Apr 91
Z133 Spectrum-Link v2.00Groning5.3.31Apr 91Builds on Z110
Z134 Z88KEYSOgden5.5.32Jun 91Updated
Z134 Z88KEYS.BASOgden5.3.31Apr 91147 function keys
Z135 IARULOC.BASDevaney5.3.31Apr 91For radio hams
Z136 ARCHIVEBeddoe5.3.31Apr 91Archives files to Eprom & restores them.
Z137 RPN CalculatorFoweraker5.3.31Apr 91A Reverse Polish Notation cvalculator
Z138 FIELDLawrie5.3.31Apr 91For focussing cameras.
Z138 FieldLawrie6.3.30May/June 92Library Update of reported
Z139 MortgageLawrie5.3.31Apr 91New
Z139 MortgageLawrie5.6.32Aug 91Updated
Z139A&B Mortgage calculatorsLawrie6.3.10May/June 92Comments by Hodson see 6.4.6
Z140 AntsLawrie5.3.31Apr 91New
Z140 AntsLawrie5.6.32Aug 91Updated
Z140 AntsLawrie5.9.31Nov 91updated
Z141 HowitzerLawrie5.3.31Apr 91New
Z142 Treasure HuntLawrie5.3.32Apr 91New
Z143 ZX-TASWORD- PipedrmFox5.5.32Jun 91New. For Spectrum
Z144 UNIX-LINKHesketh5.5.33Jun 91New
Z145 WORDSLawrie5.5.33Jun 91New. A Game
Z145 Words
6.5.32Mar 93update
Z146 NUMBERSLawrie5.5.33Jun 91New. Converts Roman numerals
Z147 TRYPE & TYPERichardson5.5.33Jun 91New
Z148 Portfolio ManagerShackel5.5.33Jun 91New
Z149 Trial BalanceEdwards5.5.33Jun 91New. Spreadsheet to perform trial balance of accounts
Z150 Editor (of BASIC)Lawrie5.6.32Aug 91New. A line editor suite for BASIC based on PROCE(n)
Z150 Editor PROCE(n)Lawrie5.9.31Nov 91updated
Z151 Cash Flow ForecastEdwards5.6.32Aug 91New
Z151C SpreadsheetEdwards6.2.32Mar/Apr 92Update of reported
Z152 INVESTEdwards5.6.33Aug 91New. A very detailed portfolio manager.
Z153 Files CopierRowland5.8.24Oct 91New
Z154Lawrie6.4.6Nov 92Mortgage Pipedream applic
Z154 mortgage calculatorLawrie6.3.10May/June 92Comments by Hodson see 6.4.6
Z154 Mortgage.PDLawrie5.8.24Oct 91New
Z155 Banner MakerNicholson5.8.24Oct 91New
Z156 Graphics StoreLawrie5.8.29Oct 91New
Z156 Graphics StoreLawrie6.2.32Mar/Apr 92Update of reported
Z157 Files Compare.BasGroning5.8.29Oct 91New
Z158 EpromCat.BasGroning5.8.29Oct 91New. the only prog which can read 256K EPROMs etc
Z159 ROMDMP6.BASGroning5.8.29Oct 91New
Z160 Print.BatGroning5.8.29Oct 91New. To make PC as a parallel printer interface. On PC disc only
Z161 Tables BasFoweraker5.9.31Nov 91New
Z162 Highways EngineersFoweraker5.9.31Nov 91New
Z163 Eprom ManagerBoam5.9.31Nov 91New
Z164 Next, PleaseHey5.9.32Nov 91New. Improves BASIC
Z165 APR.BASLawrie5.9.32Nov 91New
Z166 CalculatorLewis6.2.33Mar/Apr 92New
Z167 VectorsRobinson6.2.33Mar/Apr 92New
Z168 Decor GuideCoutts6.2.33Mar/Apr 92New
Z169 HP Deskjet 500 DriverBraby6.2.33Mar/Apr 92New
Z170 DatafilesLawrie6.3.30May/June 92Library New
Z171 TransferLawrie6.3.30May/June 92Library New
Z172 PDM-ArchQLLawrie6.3.30May/June 92Library new
Z173 Fixed assetsEdwards6.3.30May/June 92Library New
Z174 DeskCatStewart6.3.31May/June 92Library New
Z175 OutlinerHaw6.3.31May/June 92New
Z176 ZBSCRHaw6.3.31May/June 92New
Z177 ZBOPTHaw6.3.31May/June 92New
Z178 ZBASOPTHaw6.3.31May/June 92New
Z179 PRTCONVHaw6.3.31May/June 92New
Z180 UnitsHaw6.3.32May/June 92New
Z181 SoundClaar6.3.32May/June 92New
Z182 CardsClaar6.3.32May/June 92New
Z183 CamelsCreative Comp6.3.32May/June 92New by Creative Computing
Z184 ChesstimerLawrie6.3.32May/June 92New
Z185 SXXHawkins6.3.32May/June 92Modification of Z051
Z186 FilegroupHawkins6.3.32May/June 92New
Z187 MolarmassHawkins6.3.33May/June 92New
Z188 PensioncalcGoodings6.3.33May/June 92New
Z189 TypewriterFoweraker6.3.33May/June 92New
Z189 TypewriterFoweraker6.5.32Mar 93update
Z190 Bar ChartLevi6.3.33May/June 92New
Z191 VATCalcHodson6.3.33May/June 92New
Z193 Car performance CalcReed6.5.32Mar 93
Z194 VP SupportLucas6.5.32Mar 93
Z195 TYPELawrie6.5.32Mar 93A simple typewriter
Z196 BARCHARTLawrie6.5.33Mar 93in BASIC or Pipedream
Z197 HorseraceLawrie6.5.33Mar 93
Z198 EscapeLawrie6.5.33Mar 93
Z199 SAVE-TO-DISK1Boam6.5.33Mar 93for Rangerdisk 1
Z200 SAVE-TO-DISK2Boam6.5.33Mar 93for Rangerdisk 2
Z201 SORT-ABoam6.5.33Mar 93A fast sorting facility for long docs.
Z202 XMODEM.BASPearson6.5.33Mar 93Part of Z051
Z203 PD LINKER etcFoweraker6.5.33Mar 93to copy cell slots from one doc to another
Z204 PD LINKER etcFoweraker6.5.33Mar 93to copy cell slots from one doc to another modified for Z081, Z163
Z88 A Dabhand GuideGroning5.7.12Sep 91Important info for Terminal codes, VDU codes, foreign keyboard layouts etc
Z88 AccoladeHobbs4.8.15Oct 90
Z88 AcoladeMcClean4.7.11Sep 90
Z88 as a memory bufferHodson5.5.9Jun 91
Z88 BASIC Reference ManualMounter MTec4.9.27Nov 90Book review by Hey
Z88 BBC BASIC ManualM-Tec3.2.14Mar/Apr 89Book review by Hey. Includes list of VDU statements!
Z88 Bug ListCrouchley3.4.13Jul/Aug 89On tel Gold
Z88 CaseEditor5.6.5Aug 91
Z88 ComputingSinclair3.3.15May/Jun 89Book review
Z88 ComputingSinclair4.9.25Nov 90Book review by Hey
Z88 Dabhand GuideTrinity Concepts4.1.22Feb 90book review by Hey
Z88 Data LoggerRanger4.7.4Sep 90
Z88 Dealer ListEditor3.6.31Nov 89
Z88 EPROM Handbook supplementGilbert2.4.15Jul/Aug 88idea
Z88 Eprom Mag Page fromatEditor2.6.5Nov/Dec 88
Z88 FAX NewsClaar4.2.4Mar 90
Z88 Finger OrganiserHey3.5.9Sep/Oct 89Software review
Z88 for RadioLittlejohns5.5.22Jun 91describes a Packet Station
Z88 INDEXHodson6.5.9Mar 93
Z88 MagicGerhardi/Berry4.1.20Feb 90Book review by Hey
Z88 MagicGerhardi/Berry4.9.25Nov 90Book review by Hey
Z88 Magic (Book)Gerhardi/Berry3.7.5Dec 89Acolade by Carter
Z88 MK2Editor5.8.3Oct 91Description
Z88 Parallel Printer InterfaceEditor1.2.16Nov/Dec 87Hardware review
Z88 Pipedream: Dabhand GuideAllen4.8.5Oct 90Review by editor
Z88 Pipedream: Dabhand GuideAllen4.9.26Nov 90Book review by Hey
Z88 Portable ComputingOborne4.8.5Oct 90Review by editor
Z88 Portable ComputingOborne4.9.26Nov 90Book review by Hey
Z88 problemsEditor1.1.7Sep/Oct 87
Z88 Real Power ComputingFlaig3.6.24Nov 89Review by Hey
Z88 Real Power ComputingFlaig4.1.16Feb 90Book review by Hey
Z88 Real power ComputingFlaig4.9.26Nov 90Book review by Hey
Z88 repairsFordham5.8.6Oct 91By EFS
Z88 ROM SERVICEMarsh5.5.33Jun 91Update
Z88 ROM versionsEditor1.1.6Sep/Oct 87How to find
Z88 RS2332 connectionsEditor1.1.12Sep/Oct 87wiring diagram. 9way-25way
Z88 Software Developer's GuideCCL4.9.27Nov 90Book review by Hey
Z88 Software Developers'NotesMarsh4.4.24May 90Review
Z88 to Prestel CLIFinch3.2.5Mar/Apr 89Query. How to use a CLI to connect these? see 3.3.5 3.4.13
Z88 Travel BaseMinerva1.2.22Nov/Dec 87
Z88 USA orderColton Software2.4.6Jul/Aug 88
Z88 User MagazineFocus2.4.2Jul/Aug 88
Z88 User MagazineEditor2.6.8Nov/Dec 88
Z88 version 1.4 & 2.2Zadwadski2.1.5Jan/Feb 88
Z88 Version no. Access toEditor1.1.7Sep/Oct 87
Z88 Video InterfaceEarlam5.5.25Jun 91
Z88/Spectrum interface leadRobinson1.2.6Nov/Dec 87
Z88-Apricot using WindowsEdwards4.1.12Feb 90Help wanted. listing given
Z88-Atari InterfaceBradbeer2.5.15Sep/Oct 88
Z88-BBC LINK IISmith4.1.11Feb 90
Z88COM Z051Kennedy3.7.9Dec 89re XModem, Phone.Log
z88com.basGroning5.7.11Sep 91Transfer times
Z88-Locofont on AmstradPCW8512Rudd4.7.24Sep 90
Z88-PsionMayo4.1.13Feb 90Query
Z88-to-MAC LINKPugh4.5.11Jun 90
Z88-to-Mac TransferDenwood6.1.25Feb 92
Z88-Z88 CableEditor6.2.5Mar/Apr 92Description
Z88-Z88 comms leadHodson4.6.29Aug 90This info is incomplete. See later ammendment
Z88-Z88 serial cableRyan5.4.9May 91Notification of error of 4.6.29
Z88-Z88 serial cableNicholson5.5.11Jun 91
Z88-Z88 serial cableHodson5.5.7Jun 91Correction to 4.6.29
ZB05 Address SuiteBraby4.10.32Dec 90Updated
ZB06 Things to DoJacob H5.5.33Jun 91New. Lists priorities
zBASEWordmongers2.3.28May/Jun 88
zBASEWordmongers2.4.26Jul/Aug 88Software Review
zBASEWordmongers2.4.33Jul/Aug 88Review
zBASEWordmongers2.5.6Sep/Oct 88Comments by editor
zBASEWordmongers2.6.15Nov/Dec 88Software review by Woodward/Kovach
zBASEWordmongers5.1.31Feb 91
zBASERyan5.4.9May 91faulty tolerance between zBASE & ThinkZ?
zBASEJordan5.6.10Aug 91Problem of
zBASE Front EndEditor2.6.44Nov/Dec 88
zBASE FrontEndWordmongers3.1.33Jan/Feb 89
zBASE PortfolioKaye5.6.14Aug 91
zBASE ProgrammingKaye4.5.13Jun 90With respect to 01 to 071,081 tel nos.
zBASE ProgrammingKaye4.7.29Sep 90for appending/ammending a phone book
zBASE v1.2Editor2.6.8Nov/Dec 88
ZD01 Manual.Z88Groning5.3.32Apr 91New. Corrections/additions to Z88 User Manual
ZD01 Manual.Z88 IBM driverGroning5.8.24Oct 91Updated
ZD02 Shortwave
6.5.32Mar 93update
ZD02 SWstationsLawrie5.3.32Apr 91New
ZD03 SWfreqsLawrie5.3.32Apr 91New
6.5.32Mar 93becomes ZD03
ZD04 ARCSCAN DBDarby6.3.33May/June 92New
Zebedee's Magic Z164Hey5.7.29Sep 91& Listing of
ZEUSEditor2.2.2Mar/Apr 88
ZEUSGreenhalgh2.3.9May/Jun 88
ZN-DOSPhipps3.4.15Jul/Aug 89
ZS01 Z88/Wordperfect Linkvan de Wouw5.9.32Nov 91New
ZS02 SterlingHumphries5.9.32Nov 91New
ZS02 SterlingHumphries6.3.30May/June 92Library Update of reported
ZS03 ZFU v2.02Haw6.3.34May/June 92New
Z-TapeEditor3.1.7Jan/Feb 89Comparison with ZX Spectrum time
Z-TAPEWordmongers3.2.29Mar/Apr 89Software review by Hey
Z-TermWordmongers2.1.2Jan/Feb 88
Z-TERMWordmongersComputer Concepts2.4.12Jul/Aug 88version 2
Z-TERMWordmongersComputer Concepts2.4.9Jul/Aug 88v1.6 by Braby
Z-TERMBernardi2.5.11Sep/Oct 88
Z-TermEditor2.6.6Nov/Dec 88
Z-TERM TerminalWordmongers2.2.20Mar/Apr 88
zTerm V1.3Wordmongers2.6.23Nov/Dec 88Software review by Bernardi
ZX Spectrum- Z88 IMP/EXPGroning3.4.9Jul/Aug 89+ Dennis's address
ZX Spectrum-Z88 ImpExpGroning3.7.13Dec 89