Z88 Leaflets


Quite a few leaflets and articles have been written about the Z88. They have been scanned and are here for historical and interest reasons only.

All the information here is now definitely out of date.

Copyright is acknowledged by its authors and if there is any objections by the copyright holder to any of these leaflets shown here, they will be removed.

In 1988 Micro User published a few articles on the Z88. A link to Matt Cocker's website for The Micro User is here.

There are some leaflets that are not Z88 related by Wordmongers that give an indication of what the computer world was like when the Z88 was released.

1987 EPROM Mag Newspaper CuttingsVarious Press Clips1987
1987_The_PPSWordmonger's Phone Post System1987
1989 Z88 Training DaysRakewell's Z88 Training Days1989
1989_Portable_FantasyMicro User review of Wordmonger's Toad1989
19870101_How_file_transferWordmongers TX System1987

Punch July 22 Somewhere, Over the Laptop

1987 Z88 Order Form1987 Z88 Order Form1987
198801 Functional OverviewFunctional Overview1988
1988 Using the PC Link II1988 Using the PC Link II EPROM Card1988
The Micro User 059 Vol 5 No 11 Jan 88Spellmaster for the BBC - Transfer files Z88 to BBC Micro 1988
The Micro User 064 Vol 6 No 4 Jun 88Spellmaster for the BBC - Z88 Display - Pipedream conversion1988
The Micro User 068 Vol 6 No 8 Oct 88Spellmaster for the BBC Batteries BBC Link1988
1988 Which computer impressed the pressCambridge Computer Leaflet1988
1988 Z88 MicrolinkZ88 Microlink1988
19880501_Spell-Master_For_The_Z88Computer Concepts Leaflet1988
19880701_seconds_awayReview of Software by Racing Car Computers1988
198901 The Computer for people on the moveThe Computer for people on the move1989
19891130 PCW To the rescueAndy Redfern reports on the RangerDisk1989
19891228_In praise of a manual labour of loveReview of Z88 Magic1989Original
1989 EEC Z88 UserBill Richardson & Darren Branagh trial Z88 User1989
19900401_RangerDisk720Leaflet on Ranger Disk1990
cc-memory_cardsCambridge Computer Memory Card Leaflet1988
more_than_a_pipdreamReview of PipeDream RISC User July/August1988
pipedream _informationPC Pipedream Leaflet1988
pipedream_the_ultimate_in_integrationPipedream The Ultimate in integration1988
the_z88_card_exchange_systemCambridge Computer The Z88 Card Exchange System1989
z88_bbc_linkBBC Link Guide1987

Cambridge Computer - Z88 EPROM Eraser Instructions

19901028 News from RangerThe Royal Marines Mobilize Z881990
1991 Commuter Terminal1991 Commuter Terminal1991
19911026 Workshop InformationDetails of the event held Stantonbury Campus1991
19911023 Notes on PrintingDave Stewart's manual on the Printer Editor1991
1992 Cambridge Dealer NEWS 3The last leaflet from Cambridge Computer on the Z881992
1995 The Cambridge TopperFitting the Topper to your Z881995
19961104 EEC WN RichardsonPrice List from EEC1996

Cambridge Computer & Rakewell's additional information

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