Introducing the Cambridge Z88

When the Cambridge Z88 was introduced in 1987, it was and still is a unique computer for several reasons.

For the first time in a machine of its size and portability it offers you a powerful productivity tool, PipeDream, capable of tackling the most demanding applications and providing all the capabilities normally only obtained by working with separate programs on much larger computers; it combines in one program most facilities provided by the best word processors, database programs, and spreadsheets.

To complement PipeDream, the Cambridge Z88 comes complete with a range of utility programs, designed to anticipate any task you might wish to perform in the home or office; these include a clock, calculator, diary and organiser, and an alarm reminder.

The Cambridge Z88 also avoids the problems of storing documents and applications long-term by providing battery-powered circuitry which will retain all the information in the computer for over a year while it is switched off. The batteries also maintain the correct time and date in an internal clock and calendar.

In addition, communication with larger computers is catered for by built-in transfer programs.

In no time, the Cambridge Z88 will revolutionise your life by making it possible for you to work with the tools you need, wherever and whenever you want.

This manual is being updated to include the improvements made to the OZ operating system, using a different country's keyboard, flash cards and other features that have been added since the Z88 ceased production. It is a testament to the designers of that original machine was so much ahead of what was around. Having a modern laptop using graphical logos was just a dream, there was no internet, sending and receiving emails was only just being implemented. In short, the Z88 was the 80's version of the iPad. The only problem was that not many people realised that at the time.

So here we are in the 21st century, computers are faster, memory and data storage are at a fraction of the cost that they were, new users are discovering that the Z88 has still a part to play in their lives.