OZ V4.3.1 Release Notes

First maintenance release, V4.3.1

3rd August 2012

After a lot of activity on all areas of the Z88 project, we decided to wrap up the current improvements and small fixes in latest Z88 ROM. After 6 months of our first public release, it is time to push an update to the world.

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OZ V4.3.1 for Rakewell Flash Cards



Get Zip file, extract contents and upload to Z88. Instructions & utilities included in Zip file to blow ROM binary to an empty Flash Card in one of the externals slots of the Cambridge Z88

Improvements and fixes in this release

  • PipeDream: Reverse-engineer binary tree search routines (improve source code - no functional change).
  • Improve compile infra-structure of OZ: Remove references to standard.lib, so OZ is a stand-alone compilable entity.
  • Improve Index Card Display to display slot 0.
  • Bug fix (regression from one of previous internal OZ work): Diary Date Display is corrupt when changing to new day.
  • Integrate EazyLink V5.2 changes into OZ/EazyLink.

Work done in this release

Below you will see the list of work and features with all the technical details, that we have done. Click on the links to read issue contents:

OZ V4.3.1 issues (${numIssues} issues)

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