OZ V4.6.2 Release Notes


24th April 2016

OZ 4.6.2 is out! This a bug-fix release only. A serious regression was found in the V4.6.1 release that disallowed any Flash card operations, resulting in soft-reset, accessing FlashStore or even issuing a Catalogue Eprom command in the Filer.


You can download ROM binary and source code here:

SizeAddedInstallation notesDownload Link

Installable ROM binaries. See Readme.txt inside Zip file

V4.6.2 source code (Zip file, revision a383b6e)https://bitbucket.org/cambridge/oz/get/V4.6.2.zip
Source code, v4.6.2 release taghttps://bitbucket.org/cambridge/oz/commits/tag/V4.6.2


Work done in this release

Below you will see the list of work and features with all the technical details, that we have done for OZ v4.6. Click on the links to read issue contents:

key summary type created updated due assignee reporter priority status resolution

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