Release summary

This page shows the highlights of the major OZ releases, as developed by the Z88 team. 

Current Release

For information about the latest release, See the milestone releases below; 

OZ V4.7.1 — 21st May 2018

OZ V4.7.1 Release Notes

New Flash chip support added

OZ V4.7 — 20th December 2016

OZ V4.7 Release Notes

OZ V4.6.2 — 24th April 2016

OZ V4.6.2 Release Notes

OZ V4.6 — 12th October 2015

OZ V4.5 FINAL — 19th July 2015

OZ V4.5 Beta 2 — 10th May 2014

OZ V4.4.1 — 5th January 2014

OZ V4.4 — 26th November 2013

OZ V4.3.1 — 3rd August 2012

OZ V4.3 — 3rd February 2012

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