OZ V4.4 Release Notes

New release, V4.4

26th November 2013

This release represents one of the major original goals of improving the Cambridge Z88 - faster serial port transfer speed! Thierry Peycru has completely re-written the serial port implementation, considering every CPU-cycle used to process data from the RS232 interface. EazyLink and Imp/Export has also been improved to take advantage of the new serial port software. Especially, EazyLink popdown has a new protocol that allows it to be switched to 38400 BPS from the client. The effective transfer speed will be approx 23000 BPS (the Z80 CPU being the bottleneck).

Since V4.3.1 release a bunch of bugfixes has also been applied. The new serial port implementation represents a time-span of more than 3 years of research and work. Even more so, it has taken 25 years for the Cambridge Z88 being able to have an honorable serial port speed. We proudly present to you OZ V4.4!

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OZ V4.4 for Rakewell Flash Cards



Get Zip file, extract contents and upload to Z88. Instructions & utilities included in Zip file to blow ROM binary to an empty Flash Card in one of the externals slots of the Cambridge Z88

Improvements and fixes in this release

  • Re-written serial port interrupt handler and OS_Si system call.
  • EazyLink & Imp/Export popdowns now uses OS_Si to read/send bytes from/to serial port.
  • EazyLink popdown has new protocol to switch to 38400 BPS and may log serial port traffic to RAM files.
  • Filer popdown bug fixes.

Work done in this release

Below you will see the list of work and features with all the technical details, that we have done. Click on the links to read issue contents:

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