Appendix G - Using the mains adapter

An external mains adapter can be used when using the Cambridge Z88 for long periods.

Since the Cambridge Z88 is a totally portable computer it is advisable to connect the external adapter in the order described below, or static electricity may cause a spurious reset.

The recommended procedure is as follows:

  1. Plug the external adapter into the AC power socket and switch on.
  2. Make sure the Cambridge Z88 is off.
  3. Lightly hold the computer in one hand whilst holding the metal barrel of the DC plug of the adapter in the other hand.
  4. Plug the DC plug of the adapter into the Cambridge Z88.
  5. Switch on the computer.

When disconnecting the adapter, unplug from the Cambridge Z88 before unplugging from the AC power socket.

Make sure the adapter is turned off after unplugging from the Cambridge Z88.




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