Appendix C - Error messages

General error messages

Useful Information

CRC-32Calculates the CRC of a Z88 file


PipeDream error messages

-ve rootThe argument to the SQR function was negative; eg SQR(-1).
All columns zero widthAttempt to set the width of all columns to zero.
Bad argument
The argument to a Next Match (BNM) command was given with no prior Search command.
Bad column
The Sort (BSO) command was given with an invalid column specification.
Bad dateThe argument to the DAY, MONTH, or YEAR function is not a valid date; eg DAY(27).
Bad fileThe file specified was not a valid file.
Bad indexA CHOOSE, or INDEX function was called with an invalid index; eg CHOOSE(-2,1).
Bad list file
The list file loaded by the Load command (FL) does not contain valid file names, or was not saved with the Save Plain text option.
Bad nameThe name specified in a Load, Save, or Name command was not a valid file name.
Bad number
The argument to an Insert Highlights (PHI), Remove Highlights (PHR), Highlight Block (PHB), or Decimal Places (LDP) command was not in the valid range.
Bad optionThe option was not valid for the command.
Bad range

The range of slots specified in a Replicate or Save command was not a valid range; eg,

Save only range of columns C A.

Bad slot
The command was given an invalid slot reference; eg Go to Slot (CGS) A0.

Bad A ^ field

The ^ sequence in a Search or Replace string was invalid; e.g.

String to search for ^H

Divide by 0An expression attempted to divide by zero; eg 2/0.
EdgeThe block being copied or moved would not fit within the maximum possible sheet size; eg, an attempt to copy from A1 Z6 to AA1.
Editing expression
The specified command is not available while editing an expression; eg, Load (FL).
End of list file
The end of the List file has been reached; eg Bottom File (FB) at the end of a document.

The  key was pressed while processing a document.

Exp range

The range of the EXP function was exceeded; e.g. EXP(100).

Expression too longThe string of text is too long to be entered into a slot; i.e. longer than 240 characters.
FP overflowAn expression resulted in a number too large to be represented; eg, 100^100.
Log rangeThe argument to the LOG function was invalid; eg LOG(-1).
LookupThe LOOKUP function could not find a successful match.
LoopTwo slots containing string values reference each other.
Memory fullNo more memory is available for the current sheet.
No list file
A multi-file command such as Bottom File (FB) was given with no List file loaded, or after the List file was cancelled due to an error.
No marked blockThe command requires a marked block; eg Move.
OverlapThe source and destination blocks, specified in a Move or Copy command, overlap.
PropagatedThe expression slot refers to another slot with an error.
Stack overflowThe expression is too complex for evaluation.
Too few argumentsAn IF, CHOOSE, or INDEX function has been specified with too few arguments; eg, INDEX(2).
Too longThe length of line that would result after a Join Lines or Replace command is longer than 240 characters, or the string specified in a Search or Replace command is longer than 240 characters.
Too many columns
The Add Column (EAC) or Insert Column (EIC) command was given in a document which already has 42 columns, the maximum number.
Typing errorThe expression is invalid; eg, A1+*3.


Diary error messages

Diary error messages are displayed in the DIARY DATE window between the date and mode.

Memory Low

The user should take immediate action to delete data from the Diary, files, or suspended applications. Delete a line to free memory with , followed by Y to free more entries.

No StringTried to Search or Replace with null string.
No Room
The Save Position command (CSP) was given with five positions already saved.
No MarkerSearch/Replace between markers etc.
Not MarkedNext/Previous Match (Search within block) when cursor is outside block.
Date RangeAn attempt was made to move outside the legal date range.
OverlapsA block operation was attempted with the cursor inside the block.
n FoundFinal message after Replace command.
 In addition system error messages, such as 'File not found' are displayed in another window on top of the operation being performed.

BBC BASIC error messages

0 No room 24 EXP range
1 Out of range 26 No such variable
2 Byte 27 Missing )
3 Index 28 Bad hex
4 Mistake 29 No such FN/PROC
5 Missing 30 Bad call
6 Type mismatch 31 Arguments
7 No FN 32 No FOR
8 $ range 33 Can't match FOR
9 Missing 34 FOR variable
10 Bad DIM 36 No TO
11 DIM space 38 No GOSUB
12 Not LOCAL 39 ON syntax
13 No PROC 40 ON range
14 Array 41 No such line
15 Subscript 42 Out of DATA
16 Syntax error 43 No REPEAT
17 Escape 220 Syntax
18 Division by zero 222 Channel
19 String too long 252 End of file
20 Too big 252 Suspended
21 -ve root 252 File not found
22 LOG range 252 Read protected
23 Accuracy lost 252 Write protected

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