Section Six - Diary Reference

The Diary application can be entered from the Index menu or from any application by typing D. Only one copy of the Diary can exist in the list of SUSPENDED ACTIVITIES at any time.

The Diary displays the Diary page for the current date, or the page previously edited if there is one.

Text can be typed into the diary in a free format, and can be edited using similar cursor-editing facilities as in PipeDream. Text automatically wraps to the next line when it reaches the right-hand margin, but note that unlike PipeDream the Diary does not reformat the remaining text on the page. This is to avoid altering the layout of any subsequent diary entries on the same page.

The  key can be used to escape from any menu option.

If you call the Calendar from within the Diary, you can use the cursor keys to select a new date. Pressing  then returns you to the Diary which will now display the page for the new date selected. (See Using the Calendar and Diary together, for details.)

Similarly, if you call the Alarm popdown from the Diary, the date will initially be set to the current date in the Diary. When you return to the Diary, however, the same date will be displayed on the screen as before the Alarm was called.

Memory low warning

When memory is low, a warning is displayed in the DIARY DATE window. You should then free memory before proceeding by deleting obselete diary entries with the  command. 





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