Section Four - Using the popdowns

The Cambridge Z88 popdowns are utility programs that you can make use of while you are working within another application, such as PipeDream, the Diary, or BBC BASIC. They pop down over your application screen, and disappear again when you press  to return to the application.

The following popdowns are provided in the Cambridge Z88:

Index or I

Enter applications, popdowns, or suspended activities, and examine which cards are present

Calculator - R

Perform calculations

Calendar - C

Look up dates

Clock - T

See the current time, and today's date

Alarm - A

Set alarms and reminders

Filer - F

Perform operations with files

FlashStore - J

Manage files on Flash cards

Panel S

Customise the Cambridge Z88 to your requirements

Imp-Export - X 

Transfer files between the Cambridge Z88 and other desktop computers

EazyLink - L

Alternative transfer of files, using Z88 remote file management with EazyLink client application on a desktop computer


Using popdowns

You can either call a popdown by pressing the  key combination given above, or from the Index (using key)  as follows:

Calling a popdown from the Index

Highlight the popdown's name on the APPLICATIONS list. You can move the bar highlighting items on this menu by pressing the  and keys at the bottom right of the keyboard. If you move the bar too far, press   to go up again. Then press  to run the popdown you have selected.

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