OS_Kin, Keyboard input

Register parameters

IN:  BC = timeout in centiseconds (-1, no timeout)
OUT: Fc = 0, success and A = key code
     Fc = 1, failure and A = RC_TIME, timeout elapsed
Registers changed after return:
     ....DEHL/IXIY same
     AFBC..../.... different 


Internal operating system usage only.

This call returns the key code corresponding to a keyboard input. Qualifiers (SHIFT, DIAMOND and SQUARE) and foreign keyboard mappings are implemented. The operating system MTH is bypassed. Thus the menu commands, the application swapping are inactive. This call should not be used at application level.

Conversion of key code to ISO character is performed by OS_Iso API.

Related calls

GN_Sip, system input line routine 
OS_In, read (wait for) character from standard input 
OS_Pur, purge keyboard buffer 
OS_Tin, read character from standard input, with timeout
OS_Xin, examine input 

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