DC_Nq, Handle Director/CLI enquiries

Register parameters

RST 20H, DEFW $160C
    B = 0, always
    C = reason code
    	DQ_Dev ($00), get default device
    	DQ_Dir ($03), get default directory
    	DQ_Fnm ($06), get filename match string
    	DQ_Dmh ($09), get the director memory handle
    	DQ_Inp ($0C), get std. input handle
    	DQ_Out ($1F), get std. output handle
    	DQ_Prt ($12), get printer stream handle
    	DQ_Tin ($15), get input-T handle
    	DQ_Tot ($18), get output-T handle
    	DQ_Tpr ($1B), get printer-T handle
    	DQ_Chn ($1E), reset serial port and get NQ_Chn
		DQ_Prc ($21), get process environment address
		DQ_Fmh ($24), get the filesystem memory handle
	HL = OSFrame

    Fc = 0, success
    result in IX for DQ_Dmh, DQ_Fmh, DQ_Inp, DQ_Out, DQ_Prt, DQ_Tin, DQ_Tot, DQ_Tpr, DQ_Chn
    result in BHL for DQ_Dev, DQ_Dir, DQ_Fnm, DQ_Prc
    Fc = 1, A = RC_UNK ($03)


Internal operating system usage.
DC_NQ is a subcall of OS_NQ, use OS_NQ instead. Can not be called directly (OS pushframe corruption).

Related calls

DC_Sp, DC specify
OS_Sp, specify
OS_NQ, enquire

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