DC_Sp, Handle Director/CLI settings

Register parameters

RST 20H, DEFW $180C
     C = reason code
       DQ_Dev ($00), define default device 
       DQ_Dir ($03), define default directory 
       DQ_Fnm ($06), define filename match string
     B = 0, always
     HL = OSFrame

     Fc = 0,   Successful
     Fc = 1, A = RC error if failure

Registers affected after return:
     ..BCDEHL/IXIY same
     AF....../.... different


Internal operating system usage.

DC_Sp is a sub-call of OS_Sp, use OS_Sp instead. Attribute (Dev, Dir, Fnm) is set into Filer process if it is running, otherwise by Index. If DQ_Dev argument points to null byte, PA_Dev is used as source. Works if string at HL is terminated by a control-char ($00-$1F).

Related calls

DC_Sp, DC specify
DC_Nq, DC enquire
OS_Sp, specify
OS_NQ, enquire

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