Conventions in this manual

In this manual, anything displayed on the Cambridge Z88 screen is shown in a computer typeface, such as

Name of file to save

Anything that you should type at the keyboard is shown in a different typeface to designate the keyboard keys; for example

You are invited to a party

The keys on the keyboard with a special function are shown in the text with key legends. So, for example, if you are asked to type


you would actually type the letters m y f i l e and then press the  key.

In general, references to menu headings are in bold caps; for example LAYOUT.

References to individual commands are in bold; for example Save or Load.

References to options displayed by a command are in italics; for example Save only range of columns.

The 'Square' key is represented using the  symbol, also identified as the key on normal PC.

The 'Diamond' key is represented using the  symbol, also identified as the key.

The cursor keys are represented as ,  and  key on normal PC.

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