Starting PipeDream

Before trying the sample applications using PipeDream, this section shows how to start PipeDream, and introduces the fundamental concepts necessary to an understanding of how to work with it.

First start PipeDream with a blank document from the Index. To do this:

  1. If you are not already in the Index, press the  key.

  2. Select PipeDream from the Index APPLICATIONS list. Press  to move into the APPLICATIONS list, if necessary, and press  or until PipeDream is shown highlighted.
  3. Press the  key to enter PipeDream.

You will see the PipeDream opening screen, confirming that you have selected the PipeDream application

Page display map

The page display map gives you an overall view of the current page of the document you are working on in PipeDream. Each character in the document is represented by a single dot in the map, enabling you to see the layout of the whole page and, if necessary, to adjust the layout to improve the appearance.

At any time the lines on the map corresponding to those displayed on the PipeDream screen are indicated by a vertical bar at the right-hand side of the map. The tiny vertical line on the right side of the map represent the screen currently positioned in the document.

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