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Thanks are due to CAMBRIDGE COMPUTER LIMITED for their assistance and advise also to RACING CAR COMPUTERS (Thomas Nunn) for writing the software.

Stopwatch for the Z88


These applications need 32K of either EPROM or Flash space.


Stopwatch was the forerunner of Event Control Systems. It stores up to 14 competitors, the names together with their numbers can be stored in a file.

No manual was written but extensive use of the Help pages was used. These pages are displayed here and have been used to make this manual.

The clock commands have not been tested.

The CLOCK and the PANEL

It is important that the real-time clock reads the correct time.

If necessary select the CLOCK from the index or with T and set it to the correct time.

The default PANEL settings are suitable for most people but if you are particularly heavy handed when pressing the keys it may help to set the "Auto Repeat Rate" to a higher number than the default setting of 6, say 10 for example. If you are new to using a keyboard then set the "key-click" to YES and then an audible tone will be heard every time you press a key.

If necessary select the PANEL from the index or with S and change the values.

Opening Screen

invites competitors to be entered. These functions may be displayed again using the key twice.

Save to file

Before the competitors are entered, there is a choice on whether the entries are saved in a file or not.

Enter competitors

When entering competitors, care needs to be taken as there is no facility to edit an entry once the key has been pressed.

Names of the competitors are entered

The competitor's name is entered followed by their number.

Together with their number

14 Competitors

All 14 records need to be completed before the stopwatches may be used.

This may require blank entries to reach the end.

after entering the final entry

Set a minimum lap time?

A choice is made here. This feature is not being made for the purpose of this manual.

Competitors Screen

Select top screen


Select bottom screen

Top and Bottom Screens

The top and bottom screens are then displayed.


There are three modes. These are

Practice Mode

Race Mode

Endurance Mode

Stopwatch Commands

Snapshot Facility

Start new session

Show stored laps

Print stored laps


Clock control are done with the following commands, which are displayed by pressing the key. The commands are self explanatory.

Start all clocks

Reset best times

Reset all clocks

Abandon application

Closes Stopwatch application.












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