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We have been given the go-ahead from Bob Jordan to put this application on this site.

The Manual has been scanned by Detlef Obermann with thanks.

About Infomate

REJ 1989

Manual Cover


InfoMate Manual.pdf

OZvm snapshot

OZvm OZ4.5 B4 Slot0

This application uses 128K of either EPROM or Flash space.


Infomate is a ROM based application package for the Cambridge Computer Z88 portable. It is a database that allows users store information easily.

Data Organiser allows the user to design their own RECORD card, defining the names of the individual FIELDS. There is an input filter that checks for example whether text or a number is expected.

The standard MENU and HELP facilities are used in this application. The user will need to read this manual first to get a good overview of the product before use.

Selecting Infomate.

Infomate can be started from the INDEX using the cursor bar or can be selected at any time using ZI. If Infomate has already been used it will appear in the SUSPENDED ACTIVITIES area of the index from which it can be re-selected using the cursor bar. 

Start-up Animation Sequence

After selecting, the following animation is shown.

When it is running, when in the INDEX it will be shown as a suspended activity with the file name used as YOUR REF.  There can only be one Infomate application running.


Pressing the MENU key reveals the screen shown above.


Main Menu

To select a function on the menu, either use the cursor or keys followed by the  key, or the first letter of the name, in this case 1 - 6.


1 Use

This section is the main part of the application and on another page. Go to USE.

2 Files

Selecting files, allows the user to select which device and file to use.

Set Device

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