Z88 BBC Link

Z88 BBC Link Package

Use with the Z88

Z88 BBC Link Cover

Z88 BBC Link was Cambridge Computer's BBC Micro link program. This package allows transfer of files between the Z88 and a BBC Micro. The BBC Micro must have an RS423 serial port to communicate with the Z88.

The package contained the following which is now available as a download:

• a floppy disc marked Z88ix

• a cable to connect the two computers

Z88 to BBC Micro Cable

Use with the Desktop

The BBC Micro can be connected to your Desktop using items designed for the Z88.

Use the Z88ix software as described above.

Alternatively there is a solution on John Allen's web site.

Use Eazylink2 Imp/Exp mode.

A cable is required to link the BBC Micro to the Desktop. This can either be made specially, see this link, or it can be made using the following items in this order only: Do not swap the 9 way adapters, they must be used in the locations stated.

BBC Micro 

BBC Micro to Z88 Cable.

5 way Domino DIN to 9 way D male

One (1) DB9 Female to Female Adapter Adaptor Gender Changer Serial RS232 Coupler

This is where the Z88 would have been. Signals are connected straight through this non standard wired section.

Z88 to (PC) Desktop Cable with Serial USB Cable

Mini Null Modem Adapter, DB9 Male to DB9 Female

This is used between the Z88 to (PC) Desktop Cable and Serial USB Cable.

It swaps the input and output signals on the PC connector.




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