OS_Dly, Delay a given period

Register parameters

RST 20H, DEFW $D606
     BC = delay in centiseconds

OUT, if call failed:
     Fc = 1
     BC = remaining timeout
     A = error code:
          RC_ESC ($01), escape was pressed
          RC_SUSP ($69), process suspended
          RC_TIME ($02), timeout

Registers changed after return:
     ....DEHL/IXIY same
     AFBC..../.... different 

Related calls

GN_Gmt, get (read) machine time in internal format
GN_Gtm, convert an ASCII string to a time in internal format
GN_Msc, miscellaneous time operations
GN_Pmt, put (set) machine time
GN_Ptm, write internal time as ASCII string
GN_Sdo, send date and time to standard output

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