The Calendar popdown

The Calendar provides a convenient tool for planning your engagements, particularly when you want to look up dates quickly without leaving the application you are currently working on. Calling the Calendar with C displays the page for the current month, or the month you last looked at:

UKCalendar Display 

You use the cursor keys, in combination with  and  keys, to move about within the calendar as follows:

KeyAction KeyAction

previous day next day
previous weeknext week

previous month

next month
previous yearnext year

If necessary, the calendar will automatically turn a page to the next or previous month.

The Calendar is accurate back to the year 1753 (when the Gregorian calendar was accepted in England) and so has historical applications in addition to its obvious business uses.

Searching for a day

You can also use the Calendar to go immediately to any date in any year.

Press , and the prompt

Look for: 17/06/2015

will be displayed, with today's date initially displayed. Type in the date you are searching for, and press the  key. The cursor will move to the specified day.

The date can also be entered in the form

17 jun 15

if you find this more convenient. The Cambridge Z88 defaults to the twenty first century now so 20 will be put in front of the two digit year.

Active days

If the Calendar popdown is called from the Diary application, days containing information in the Diary will be identified on the Calendar with a pointer against the date

 For example like the symbol to the left of 17 on the screen shot above.

Such active days can be found in the Calendar very quickly with the commands

previous active day                        next active day


If a different Keyboard is selected in the Panel, the wording reflecting the change of language will be displayed.

FR Calendar Display

DK Calendar Display



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