Suspended activities

If you return to the Index after creating a document in PipeDream (or writing a program in BBC BASIC), your activity will be suspended, and you will see it listed in the list of SUSPENDED ACTIVITIES. This shows the time and date you were last working on the document under the heading WHEN SUSPENDED, and if a name has been given to the document (with the PipeDream FC or FL commands, or the BBC BASIC *NAME command), the name will be shown in the column headed YOUR REF. You can keep as many PipeDream, BBC BASIC and (if you are running OZ v4.2 or above) DIARY suspended activities as you want, subject to the available memory.

Re-entering a suspended activity

You can re-enter a suspended activity by selecting it on the list of SUSPENDED ACTIVITIES. Move the highlighting bar across with the  key if necessary, and then press the key. Alternatively, pressing P or B repeatedly will enter each PipeDream or BBC BASIC activity in turn.

Killing activities  <>KILL

Each suspended activity does, of course, use up some memory space; some for the document you are working on, plus a small overhead needed by the application. You can therefore kill activities you no longer need to work on in order to free the memory space. Save the document (or program) first if you may need it again.

To kill a suspended activity, select it on the SUSPENDED ACTIVITIES list with the cursor, and type KILL. The activity will be removed from the list, and any document (or program) associated with it will be lost.