The Cambridge Z88 contains a Help system with highly structured information on many operations and facilities provided by the machine. The problem new users of a computer often face is that they need to find out how to do something but are not quite sure where to look. The Cambridge Z88 Help system overcomes this problem by allowing you to 'browse', from Help information on one topic to information on related ones which might also provide the information you require.

Getting help

To find out information about a particular topic all you have to do is press the key at the bottom left-hand side of the keyboard. The Help system will then automatically give you information on the menu or operation within the application you are currently using.

index main help page

Browsing within Help

The cursor keys  and the  key allow you to obtain more information, as shown on the Help screen. The arrows on the right-hand side of the screen indicate where additional help is provided.

To illustrate this, use the  to go to 'The Index COMMANDS topic' and then  again to view the Index 'Card Display.'

help card display

Returning to your application

To exit from the Help system and return to your application, press the key.